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A group for fans of Human Twilight, A.K.A. Midnight Sparkle!


1) Must have Human Twilight in story somewhere, she doesn't have to be the main focus

2) Can have pony Twilight

3) You can put as many stories as you want, as long as it's in the right folder.

4) Be nice and have fun!

Let's Go...Shadowbolts?!?

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Comment posted by brony_789 deleted Sep 25th, 2020

Nightmare in Silver, 11th Doctor.

Oh what episode was that? Also what doctor?

The picture of Sci-Twi and Midnight having a chess match reminds me of the doctor who episode where the Doctor has a chess match against the Cyber-Planner.

I'm not too up to date on those, but there's a bunch I see in the comedy section!

Is there a story about where both twilight's meet

Sorry for the lateness, but if you still have a question, or any question, ask away.

I have a question please

I found my calling!


Not very active, though.

So glad there's a group for Sci-Twi! :twilightsmile:

404112 MY PM's ARE BROKE AND we need to talk ASAP!

Comment posted by jidbrony deleted Jan 30th, 2016

404122 Sounds good to me...Unfortunately, I'm leaving the site for a bit. Be back in a hour or two...Talk to ya later!

And of course, we can make threads.:derpytongue2:

Let us start the game, and create some good character dissections!

404120 We can only hope...


No problem! Let us hope our discussion draws others down below to this comment section, to continue the discussion of sci twi!

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