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1) Must have Human Twilight in story somewhere, she doesn't have to be the main focus

2) Can have pony Twilight

3) You can put as many stories as you want, as long as it's in the right folder.

4) Be nice and have fun!

Let's Go...Shadowbolts?!?

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SCI-TWI HEADCANONS by a Sci-Twi kinnie. ✨

(Please be aware that these might, or might not, be based off of myself (because I kinda put a bit of my personality on the characters I kin, even if unintentionally). If you think these are Cringe™, please ignore it. Thank you.

*Quick CW for bullying mention.*

1 - Childhood loneliness: As a child, Twilight was a quite lonely girl. She never really had friends, and the only thing she had was books. And children's tv shows (which deep down she wished she was a character of those, because she was jealous of the adventures and the fun the characters had together). Every adult around her praised her more for her brilliant mind and high grades, and didn't really touch the subject of her interaction with other people, and that led her being awkward in later years.
All of this loneliness resulted on her imagining and pretending to be a cool extrovert protagonist when she played all alone, and creating stories on her head to daydream about, which leads to the next headcanon...

2 - Gacha phase: Twilight had a gacha phase when she was 10/11, and she played the game. She loved the mini movies and the glmv's and she also created stories in the game, even if she most likely never shared them.
Nowadays, she is not proud of that time in her life, probably because the stories and ocs she made didn't had the best character design or personality, but sometimes she catches herself humming a og gacha meme song.

3 - Sociology: Twilight is multi-scientifical, a term I just created for someone who is good in more than one type of science. So, besides mathematics and physics, she also deeply loves sociology, even though it's something not knowledged by many people. She thinks it's interesting how society works and how people act and interact. But she doesn't think she can develop her knowledge on this area properly, because, if y'all forgot, Equestria Girls takes place in the United States of America, aka a dystopian capitalist country that devalues ​​the knowledge of human and social sciences out of pure fear of communism. (/j, but y'all know they do devalue human sciences to a revolting degree.) So she ends up focusing way more on mathematics, because she thinks a lot about her future, and also because there's not much sources to it near her.

4 - Bullying and personality related insecurities: When she was 8, she got bullied for being a quieter kid, which led her to be insecure about her personality as she grew up. It decreased a little after she became friends with Sunset and the others, tho, but it's still there, sometimes.

5 - Curiosity: She's curious about what others people do, or anything else that might perk her interest, but she doesn't demonstrate it when she knows the knowledge might end up giving her problems, specially after the Midnight Sparkle incident.

That's it, bye. =3

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Nightmare in Silver, 11th Doctor.

Oh what episode was that? Also what doctor?

The picture of Sci-Twi and Midnight having a chess match reminds me of the doctor who episode where the Doctor has a chess match against the Cyber-Planner.

I'm not too up to date on those, but there's a bunch I see in the comedy section!

Is there a story about where both twilight's meet

Sorry for the lateness, but if you still have a question, or any question, ask away.

I have a question please

I found my calling!


Not very active, though.

So glad there's a group for Sci-Twi! :twilightsmile:

404112 MY PM's ARE BROKE AND we need to talk ASAP!

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404122 Sounds good to me...Unfortunately, I'm leaving the site for a bit. Be back in a hour or two...Talk to ya later!

And of course, we can make threads.:derpytongue2:

Let us start the game, and create some good character dissections!

404120 We can only hope...


No problem! Let us hope our discussion draws others down below to this comment section, to continue the discussion of sci twi!

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