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Did not mean to add that story to Adagio's folder, can someone please remove it? Something's wrong with my mouse.

I guess it didn't but thanks anyway :)

Don't get me wrong, I fully agree with you. It'd be nice to have some more straight stories on here. That last bit from my previous reply was meant to be humorous, guess it didn't land.:pinkiesad2:

Well the same doesn't happen to me :/

I get where you're comin' from, man. I'm mostly into the lesbian stuff, but I like to see some straight stories from time to time. My fetishes change depending on my mood; one day I'm jerkin' it to chicks just kissing :duck:, and the next I'm watchin' a dude gettin' a full-on BJ from his sister... :pinkiegasp:

Can someone make a Spring Breakdown fanfic in which the cruise passangers meet thier equestria n counterparts? They missed a good opportunity in the movie.

Comment posted by Justafanfictioner deleted February 16th

Someone should do a far Cry 5 crossover
If the 7 go to hope county and try to escape Edens gate

No I mean, when I read a sex or porn story, I don't want to see SciSet or RariJack or etc: It really disgusts me. I don't want to offend anyone: we're all people but that's just it. And I am sure there are people who think like me about this.

Is that really something we have to do? I think all fanfics whether straight or gay would be appreciated in the right category. X3

Guys can we please add a non-gay category?

Anybody have a link where I can download the group banner picture?

hey what are the colors of the background of the group's banner?

How has no one done an Office (US) story yet?

Will, there be a Wallflower folder in the near future?

Also is it alright if I put my story in a folder that does not have the tag of what the folder is labeled? I want to put a certain story in the dazzling folder. The dazzlings are in the story but I ran out of room for character tags to put them in

Comment posted by Dbot500 deleted Jun 4th, 2019

That sounds like it could be interesting... Might give it a shot

Hey all. Recently joined as I just finished the first five chapters of my first Equestria Girls story. Check it out if you're interested.

Alright everypony, we need angsty emo fics about Sci-Twi's feelings when she watches Sunset Shimmer's reunion with Twilight in 'Spring Breakdown'. I'd do it myself but I'm not talented enough. Good writers, get onto it!

  • Viewing 156 - 175 of 175
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