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Welcome to the Equestria Girls Fics group.

This is a group where you can post stories related to the Equestria Girls world. It doesn't matter if you liked or disliked the movies, anypony is welcome here!

Feel free to discuss anything MLP/Equestria Girls-related in the forums.

Folders (Feel free to put your story into all folders that it applies to):
Applejack: Obviously for any Equestria Girls story where Applejack is the Mane Character.
Fluttershy: Equestria Girls fics where Fluttershy is the Mane Character.
Pinkie Pie: Equestria Girls fics where Pinkie Pie is the Mane Character.
Rainbow Dash: Equestria Girls fics where Rainbow Dash is the Mane Character.
Rarity: Equestria Girls fics where Rarity is the Mane Character.
Twilight Sparkle: Equestria Girls fics where Twilight Sparkle is the Mane Character.
Sunset Shimmer: Stories about Sunset Shimmer go here, whether she is mean or reformed.
The Dazzlings: Stories about the Dazzlings go here. There is also three separate folders for each of the members!
The Shadowbolts: Stories about the Shadowbolts go here.
Background Character Stories: Stories about the background characters in the movie.

Rated G: Stories appropriate for any reader.
Rated PG: Stories appropriate for maybe a slightly older group of readers.
Rated PG-13: Stories appropriate for teenagers.
Rated R (Teen-Mature): Stories for older teens and adults.
Rated NC-17: (Mature rating only) Stories only appropriate for adults.
Equestria Girls Clopfics: The title of the folder says it all.
Equestria Girls Grimdarks: Dark or horror-themed Equestria Girls stories.

OC: Original Character stories.
Crossover: A folder for crossovers. Like Assassins Creed, RWBY, etc.
2nd Person: Title of folder says it all. 2nd person stories.

SunLight: A folder for, well, you know, Twilight Sparkle/Sunset Shimmer stories.
FlashLight: A folder for, well, you know, Twilight Sparkle/Flash Sentry stories.
Oc Pairings: A folder for stories where an Oc is paired with a character from Equestria Girls

Hope that's enough folders! If you think I need to add any more, just give me a comment.

Group owner:

Fallen Astral

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I'm putting this everywhere I can incase it's not just a rumor.

Hello, everyone. I just joined to this fantastic site and group. I'm writting an Equestria Girls fanfiction with an interesting plot I got inspired a few weeks ago. Hope you enjoy. The story is already posted in this group but I will also leave the link.


Hey folks. Just joined your ranks. Nice place ya got here! =P

who want to do equestrian girls/little nightmares?

who what try eqestria girls meet cuphead?


Please I would really appreciate it I'm trying to get to 1 million reads 🙇🙇🙇🙇

Sorry about the big overhaul with my stories....but I only just figured out how to add them! :twilightblush:

I'll be adding my Fic, hopefully some like it.. this is my first one and I really want to share it around. ^^'

FlashShimmer (Flash Sentry x Sunset Shimmer)
here's an example

Given that name and title I have my doubts that this is Equestria Girls related.

What's a FlashShimmer?


(Jokes aside there are new folders required, I'll get on that)

Where the heck is a FlashShimmer folder! :flutterrage:

Like none of the equestria girls would stand a chance against oculus the Hunter which is my character

Like none of the equestria girls would stand a chance against oculus the Hunter


415664 something about her is off, maybe it's because I expected her to be older

415660 Yeah, this is the humanized (not human) Starlight Glimmer. This is what she'll look like in Mirror Magic.


415551 is your profile picture Starlight's official cannon EQG look

Cause it just looks like a recolored rarity

I'm gonna add my story to the collection but please be nice...

  • Viewing 140 - 159 of 159
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