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Ideas for equestria story · 12:30am Dec 14th, 2018

Couple of ideas for next equestria girl story

1. An old friend of twilight sparkle come back in the picture and become jealous of her new friends.

2. Comic book characters are coming to life and causing chaos.

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I believe you.

you'll like my version of Sunset cause I try my best to keep her mature but at the same time a kid at heart

I must of miss those parts. but either way i'm looking forward to it. I guessing she'll have a hard time fitting in due to her new maturity

Oh the show brings that up. She has a job and she lives in what looks like a small studio apartment. But there are other questions I answer in my fics so dont worry about that

Agreed Thought you need to answers a few questions that the show never brought up. Like how does sunset support herself and where does she live?

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