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Nazism was a political ideology exclusive to the nation of Germany in the years 1933-1945. It involved German ultranationalism, authoritarian leadership (ie Fascism) by use of propaganda, informants and state controlled organisations, suppression of differing political ideas and concepts and military conquest of its neighbouring countries.

It had nothing to do with white supremacy!

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No New Chapter Today - 6/10 · 7:29pm October 6th

I was planning to have the penultimate chapter published today, but because of unforeseen occurances outside of my control, I have to delay it by a couple of days.

It's not that much job to be done left on it. Just pasting and polish, so it shouldn't take long.

Look forward to it or dont!

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Hitler killed more white people than anyone else in history.

Oh, that's okej. I hadn't noticed.

I'm looking forward to it!

Ay, bruh, I appreciated your comment on "Take Me To Your Liter," but my dumbass last night—instead of replacing the chapter—wrote a new one and deleted the old one. Turns out, this also deletes comments, so, shit. I'm sorry bruv!

I'll be sure to bring you another, as you'd said :twilightsmile:

You're welcome, kiddo. I'll hold you to that promise. Let's take this site by storm! YEAH!
And right back at ya for first comment on my userpage!

Thank you for the first ever comment on my first ever story! I promise to improve each time I write!

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