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I'm the backseatwriting asshole in the comments who keeps poking holes in your stories.

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Sick Sik [sic] · 1:11pm Saturday

Being sick is so cool!

Especially when you get a mild cold and then get influensa right after!

I've had 8 ibuprofins this week, which is more that the last 5 years combined.
High Score!

I didn't get more that 2 hours consecutive sleep. And I sure puked my guts out yesterday! AND the drainage pipe clogged so...
It stayed a while...

So how was your week?

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Oh, that's okej. I hadn't noticed.

I'm looking forward to it!

Ay, bruh, I appreciated your comment on "Take Me To Your Liter," but my dumbass last night—instead of replacing the chapter—wrote a new one and deleted the old one. Turns out, this also deletes comments, so, shit. I'm sorry bruv!

I'll be sure to bring you another, as you'd said :twilightsmile:

You're welcome, kiddo. I'll hold you to that promise. Let's take this site by storm! YEAH!
And right back at ya for first comment on my userpage!

Thank you for the first ever comment on my first ever story! I promise to improve each time I write!

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