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Putin – khuylo!

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My heart goes out to the innocent people of Ukraine

Don't bend to Putin! - Не прогинайся перед Putin!

Save yourselves, kill them all! - Рятуйся, вбивай їх усіх!


Kiss me, I'm Covid Positive! · 6:29pm October 5th

Amazing how long a human can survive of Paracetamol and pearjuice alone...

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Who are you and what the fuck are you talking about?

- rep

Condescending and excessively rude when stories they read don’t meet their unreasonable standards. It’s like they don’t realize fanfics are first and foremost not professional works and as such shouldn’t be held to the same standards as for profit publications.

Sure, friend!
I'll check when I get the time.

I see that you are following me so what I don't understand is why half of my followers don't read my stories?

So if you could read my story and give me some criticism on it that would be nice but please try to be gentle as I cannot take criticism very well, but I want to try to improve my writing.

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