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This group is dedicated to the greatest of all Moms/Surrogate Moms in FiM: Princess Celestia

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No, I still haven't found it yet.

I find the premise of this story very interesting. Did you ever find the title? If so could you post a link?

Does anyone remember the name of this one fanfic that was about human Celestia going for an early morning run when she finds a young Twilight Sparkle?

Celestia temporarily takes in Twilight until they find out that the mom was recently killed and that was her only known relative and that Twilight and her mother were living in poverty so Celestia decides to adopt her.

One big detail that I remember was both Celestia and Luna were scientists instead of working at Capital High and Twilight is a big fan of Luna who was an astronomer.

Does anyone remember this fanfic? If so does anyone remembers what it was called and if it still exists somewhere or if the fanfic got taken down?

Someone write more momlestia and Sunset please

Momlestia and Sunset fics are my favorite part of this group and I'd commit crimes to get more of them

There needs to be more momlestia and sunset shimmer

What happened to shape shifter

Celestia really does represent the best of what we can be.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests



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I'm suprised there's no Evil Celestia momlestia stories.

Can we have a Momlestia and Sunset Shimmer folder here?


well you should add pinkie to that list because of how shes just.......well.....pinkie......

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346714 yes that's what I thought

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