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This group is dedicated to the greatest of all Moms/Surrogate Moms in FiM: Princess Celestia

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Someone write more momlestia and Sunset please

Momlestia and Sunset fics are my favorite part of this group and I'd commit crimes to get more of them

There needs to be more momlestia and sunset shimmer

What happened to shape shifter

Celestia really does represent the best of what we can be.

proofreading and
editing service

PM me with any requests



I'm suprised there's no Evil Celestia momlestia stories.

Can we have a Momlestia and Sunset Shimmer folder here?


well you should add pinkie to that list because of how shes just.......well.....pinkie......

Comment posted by spike the mustache deleted May 21st, 2014

346714 yes that's what I thought

In my opinion I think the only three likely members of the mane 6 who could be celestia's daughter is twilight, rainbow dash, and rarity. Rainbow dash because of her rainbow mane. Rarity because of her white coat. Twilight because of how talented she is with magic.

I dont really like the name momlestia. it just sounds a bit too close to Molestia to me (which i hate). but i am in love with the idea. I love the idea of the princesses (luna or celestia) being a (real/surrogate) mother to Twilight. Im so happy i found this group!

btw, love the artwork there. so cute...:pinkiehappy:

not exactly what you want, but there are some with nightmare moon; especially this one with her as twilight mentor, and acting as a mother, (really cool btw) Night's Favoured Child

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