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I'm alive! But swamped with work · 10:40pm Dec 5th, 2016

Hey guys,

sorry, I know I promised you a new chapter in may, but since I've got to handle my master's degree in mechanical engineering as well as part-time work as an engineer, free time is scarce.
I hope that I'll find some time around christmas, if I'm not drowning in work for university.
But no matter what, this story will never be cancelled, I give you my word.

Your writer who is unbelievably greatful for your patience


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Pllllleeeeeaaaaassssseeeee update!

I love your story. Baby Twilight babbling is so CUTE :pinkiehappy:. Hopefully you finish this story. Take your time, though. I can get my cuties by rereading the parts I like :twilightsmile:

would it be alright if you were to add Momlestia and Sunset Shimmer to the Momlestia group, please

Hi Dusk Shadow! How are you? :pinkiehappy:

Gallop Lyra, Gallop away as fast as you can!!:pinkiegasp::pinkiesick:

^the first thing I thought when I saw your Avatar.:rainbowlaugh:

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