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For the Great and Powerful collection of Twixie Fics. Which sounds like Pixie Stix. You can leave any story no matter how raunchy or perverted it is. We have to spread this shipping.

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Updated The Ties That Bind

. Hope everyone enjoys it! As always, comments and critiques --positive and negative-- are always appreciated!


Could someone please remove this fic from the group? It's a SunsetSparkle fic, not a Twixie fic.

I saw a villan list once and Angel was on it.

I like this ship now :twilightsmile: :heart: :trixieshiftright:

Yay! A Twixie group! :pinkiehappy: I just got on to this ship but i plan on doing a fic for it soon as it's quickly become my second favorite ship :trixieshiftleft::heart::twilightsmile:

I would recommend taking the main folder and dividing it into unique sections so that it would be easier to search and access. Say, for example, separate the flop from the non-flop, but you could also separate fics based on content, ie humanized fics are separate from the anthro fics which are separated from the rest of them. Just a suggestion, I'm not demanding that anything be changed. It Just messes with my CDO.

Yes! I knew there was a Twixie group on this damn site, somewhere! :pinkiehappy:

308457 I know right? but Fluttershy takes cute to a new level. no one can resist a Fluttershy cute stare, no one. If you can, than leave. leave before Pinkamena Diane Pie gets you :pinkiecrazy:


Twishy would be a good pairing, I guess. Fluttershy is as much a foil as Trixie, and foils always make good couples, because they're so cute when they set aside their differences to be together.

308401 yeah... you do have a point. well, if they pair Twilight up with somepony, I want it to be either Trixie, or maybe one of the other members of the mane 6, probably Fluttershy, cause she is the most normal out of the others. AJ is to headstrong, Dash to stubborn, Rarity to dramatic, and Pinkie..... is Pinkie. Shy and Twilight would make a great couple, why don't we see more of that?


Haha, I wouldn't go that far. Remember Mass Effect 3. I wouldn't want to turn Hasbro into the next Bioware. While, yes, they would probably listen, think of the credibility of the show. If they have to sacrifice their direction to the fans, they have no credibility. I'm sure there's a plan for Twilight's eventual canon pairing. We can hope it's Trixie, but I wouldn't push for it.

308399 I know! that would be awesome! .... idea! we have to find a way to contact them, the makers of MLP:FIM and ask them to make it happen!


I agree, it would be amazing if they did community outreach like that, taking our thoughts into consideration for plots like that. ^-^

308397 I know, I was just saying that, with all the Twixie we see, that it would be fun to see it in MLP


Personally, not very often. And anyone could've made that picture. I made my standpoint, let us not devolve into an argument. I was simply making a point of the matter, I am not looking to troll or get into conflict.

308394 you say she isn't a villan? I found a picture that lists every villan from mlp, and Trixie is on it. Also, look at real life: how many times do you see 2 people that hate each other get together in a relationship? how many times do you see that?


I agree with your reasoning, but not what you're insinuating. Trixie was never meant to be looked at in the light of a villain, more of a comic relief and a foil for Twilight, showing just how bad some unicorns can be with their magic. But she isn't a villain. The Alicorn Amulet was the main focus of the second Trixie episode, thus, it was the main perpetration of evil, not Trixie herself. While yes, Trixie did seem to repent for her ways, I wouldn't lump it in the same category as Discord. Discord was a major thing for them, as it took everything they had ever learned about friendship to finally end it. Hope that helps further explain my viewpoint against a canon Twixie.

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