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02. Liquid Pride 2 (Ongoing)
03. Trixie Hits (on) the Jackpot
04. Light My Fire
05. Unicornered
06. Payload
07. Starlight's First Glimmer (Summer '18)
08. Pinecrest Resort
09. Forbidden Fruits (Autumn '18)
10. A Dash Estranged
11. Riddle Me This
12. Starlight Fixes Everything
13. Let Me Go
14. That's Not Aloud
15. Harsh Knocks Life (Mother's Day '19)
16. I Accidentally My
17. FOE: Crastor's Vault
18. Stormageddon 2: Game of Drones
19. Open Up Your Thighs
20. Rose's Thorn
21. bEating A Dead Horse
01. Yo Mama


Sale · 10:41pm Yesterday

It's that time again.

I've got my eyes on getting Deep Rock Galactic.
What about you guys? Planning on getting any games during the Steam Summer Sale?

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The truth is that the best of us
love all things incestuous.
Sisters are best when they've been groped
by brothers with whom they've eloped.

Aunties, uncles born united
and by familial bonds excited.
Mothers, sons or dads and daughters
who let love flow like cool, clear waters.

Cousins sometimes though as you move
far down the tree you'll find proved
It's not as fun as DNA
that's cuddled closest in every way.

- Lavender Raindrops

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2615809 The original will come back around. I'll just add this into the rotation.

Coretz #381 · Tuesday · · ·

So YOU'RE the one who ruined his avatar!

jk. It's good picture. Still, already miss the other. They complement each other tho, too bad one can't be the page background so he can have both...

Griseus #379 · Sunday · · ·

I like the current avatar.

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"I tend to write PMs to authors if their work has a profound impact on me. As a general rule, I don't read anything on this site that doesn't include smut in some form. The 'M' tag is my natural habitat. But, when it comes to writers like yourself that can actually blend humor, drama, sexuality, morality, and complexity into a properly proportioned epic, it's something to behold. The fact that you've actually created completely believable and human characters with a premise typically reserved for base fetish fuel is so impressive it's almost indescribable."
"I just want to commend you, not just on the strength of your writing, but the commitment you seem to have to quality and quantity, regardless of wait time. Not many authors have the passion to spare for something as niche and inconsequential as horsewords."

- Karl

If Shakespearicles was a car...

"If Shakespearicles was a car, it would have no steering wheel or brakes because 'fuck you!' Where he's taking you, those will be the least of your worries with all the twists he's going to do. And all you can do is scream, and cry, and ask yourself why you took a ride with him in the first place, but then smile and lose your sanity because somehow, in the end, he pulls a 1440° tailspin parallel park with just a millimeter of clearance from the curb as if everything fit perfectly."

- spikls