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Liquid Pride 2 & NaNoWriMo · 7:58pm Sunday

Liquid Pride 2

Okay, so, Good News, Bad News time!

Good News:

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Report Shakespearicles · 517 views · Story: Liquid Pride · #Liquid Pride 2

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I kept running into that picture while looking for cover and ending art for my latest story.
(I’m here because someone commented that it was like if “ Shakespeare wrote erotica”, so I’m going to send them a link to Shakespearicles’ work.

2526833 I'm a little busy atm with NaNoWriMo.

I call upon you, strongest of us all! Make this into a story! derpicdn.net/img/2017/11/6/1579879/large.png

O Thanks for the follow :) I guess this is to do with my dark theme? 0_o :heart:

  • Viewing 306 - 310 of 310
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