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I edit stories and get in fights (List of edited stories) Discord: ABronie#9772

Stories I've proofread/edited

Google Spreadsheets link to all the stories I've edited.

This list is constantly being updated. Not just because I'm always reading new stories, but also because I'm going back and adding in all the stories I've done (that I can also find).

I do my editing for fun

So I dunno, if you've got any money to spare just send it over my way. paypal.me/ABronie

Other than that, just ask me to edit, I probably will.

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perfectly fine, I'm patient when it comes to this site

Yeah, it may be a while though.

Ay good shit. Sorry I didn't respond earlier, I was on a short hiatus from the site. I'm glad to hear that a rewrite is scheduled, I'm always a fan of anything TF2 related.

Hey, So I noticed that you wrote a comment on my now cancelled story, 'When Ponies Come To The Badlands' And I noticed you seemed a bit disappointed in the fact my story was cancelled. Well I'm here to inform you that it shall be re-writing it soon.

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