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Ho boah!

Welcome to The B-Team, where we B.S. people every week! Usually interviews, and maybe playing video games or both at the same time. We're not sure yet. We're just making it up right now.

Who are we?

The interviews are live on the
Twitch Channel

and if you miss it, the episodes are uploaded to the
YouTube Channel.

Be sure to check out our upcoming guests thread for news and schedules!

And also check out 🔥 THE BURN WARD 🔥

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We will post the video on the Youtube channel once we finish editing. I don't think we did your story yet. But you can see the rough cut of the first episode on the
Twitch Channel.

Could you let me know what you said to my story please?

I just wanna see how burnt it is


LMAO nice title I can respect it

Motherfucker took my ho boah

Color me intrigued. :pinkiehappy:

Ask questions for this weeks guest,

O i am in for this

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