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An Intricate Disguise

Selling out has never felt so dirty. (Patreon!)


500 follows and commissions! (And impending update) · 3:14pm Feb 22nd, 2018

So first off, thanks for 500! That was fast! Second, check below the break for commission offers!

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Selling Out Has Never Felt So Dirty (Patreon launch!) · 2:21am Aug 28th, 2018

Hey there, smut fans! I'm gonna be really straight with you here and attempt to get all the essentials in, but you read the title right, this blog is intended to be the launch of my Patreon account, something I've been planning for a while. Click the link to see what I have to offer, or read below!

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Loathsome Rage: A Response to MrNumbers from the Erotic Writing Community · 4:30am January 11th

This blog is the result of a shared opinion between myself and multiple other voices in the erotic writing scene. Me, MadMaxtheBlack, Shakespearicles, Some Leech, Anonymous Pegasus, ClopficsintheComments, Alcatraz, Distorted Flare, B_25… we’ve all read what MrNumbers has to say about the current state of porn on FimFiction, and we’re here to voice our responses.

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...how exactly do you come up with so many ways to do porn? I never knew there were so many variants on 'and then they banged, the end'.

Honestly if I had money to throw around I'd donate, you and a lot of other authors deserve it. (Maybe someday, there's a plotline I'd love to see but... eh. Minimum wage sucks.) At the very least, I usually enjoy your stories, so thank you for being such a dedicated writer!

*Headtips and softly squawks, then pawsigning in reply.*
1. Princess Luna
2. Tie between Dark Evergreen and deep neon Blue.
3.The original Twilight Zone
4. Male
5. Bubble Gum Crisis or Gunsmith Cats (See my blog on details)
6. I don't have a favorite, altho I did have a pet rabbit that was a Medical Service animal. I love all animals.
7.Married to a beautiful southern belle blonde gal, she's my best friend.
8. Neither, I'm more an anime fan.
9. Read Pony stories?
10. No I haven't honestly. What is it?

Cheers mate, ^~^

When will you update staying-put

Even in death, I'm still better at Fortnite than you'll ever be.

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