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Any stories can be added as long as Changelings play at least a major in it.

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Ops my bad, I seem to have miss clicking the reply button. Sorry.


what? i wasnt really referencing any specific stories
edit: nvm im pretty sure u just responded to the wrong post

Is Celestia pure evil? Did the Elements of Harmony never existed? Was Lunas mind crushed for bring a vile rapist and murderer? Than I know the story.


man this groups really dead, or atleast the comment section is

just to be sure, is it alright if i add stories to multiple categories, or should i add fics to only one of them?

anyways, im adding new fics while adding some stories which are missing from a few folders (specifically "main") they should be in at the same time

i apologise in advance if i fuck up and for the shitton of notifications on your feed if you have story added on

Sounds good, can't wait to see what happens?

Hello! So, I'm working on a story with Chry- ya know what, here's what I have for the summary:

"She has had ENOUGH!

Her first episode sent her popularity through the roof, and the rest were utter let-downs. Despite her pleads, her husband's pleads, and the starring actors' and actress' pleads, Hasbro did nothing.

Now, she's fleeing, and she's taking everypony she can with her."

Only problem is that I can't seem to get past 1,000 words for the first chapter.

I came to this group when Queen Chrysalis is my new favorite villain. Because she's scary, sadistic, sinister, and pure evil, in my opinion.

Comment posted by GrandAdmiral MitthRawN deleted Mar 5th, 2021

See, forums and maybe blogs are the place to say where you disagree with another user (as long as you're respectful and don't try to make them feel bad about their own preference). But sending another user messages on their profile or PM to rant about something they really disliked that other users felt differently about feels hostile.

If I did a forum post saying "How did you feel about Season 9?" And said I loved its conclusion, and you said how much you hated it THERE, that would feel like less of a personal attack on me. (You mention other times I expressed my disagreement with other users but it's always been on forums and not trying to make them feel bad for their preferences)

And FWIW I'd have preferred the rainbow to turn them to stone rather than it basically being an execution. (Not that they're not going to return in G5 of course)

You'll notice I blocked you from sending me PM's. This is not because of personal disagreement - I respect that you disliked that and withheld arguments as to why I felt differently - but because there was no need to say "I really hated something you liked" on my profile page, and making me out to be a bad person because I liked something you disliked, or for wishing harm on a fictional villain when other people like horror movies, disaster movies, or movies with a miserable tone (and that's all right too), and I can't stand the suffering of people in real life (makes me really depressed to the point I can't feel true happiness).

It reminds me, too, of a user who would harrass me on MLP Wiki and spam something every time I said anything to the contrary.

I switched my avatar from stone Chrysalis to blushing Silverstream for someone else who disliked it, but they repaid me with contempt when I tried to give them a possible headcanon for their release and redemption.


You can not stop people from leaving a dislike. Eh, I got 3 dislikes either because Celestia is victim of a Regicide in the prologue, and/or because my main OC seems like an alicorn.

It's part of life when you publish on Fimfiction.net. Either you look over that, or you don't. In the end what only matters if that some people like your work, and are looking for the next chapter.

If nobody does, well, it's okay, we can't all be as popular as Kkat.

Eh, alrighty then. But even so, you unlikely to get any random flak there. Though, that's still my answer to avoid random dislikes from random people. It boggles me how anyone would take your previous comment in an offensive way to dislike it.

Meh whatever, as I've learned on fimfiction, some questions will never be answered. Or more accurately stories never finished. At this point, I've had my heart broken at incomplete stories I really just don't care anymore.

Or it could be the fact it's 2:50 am for me and I have school. Oh shit, it's 2:50 am!

I know what I am looking for, thank you.

Sounds... A bit mundane. Well actually no not really, just not something that'd I'd be interested in without a really good hook.

I get the feeling it's going to be a redemption arch, and I'm just not all interested.

Hello there. If you're looking for a story where Chrysalis and changelings are playing a major part, try my fiction.

Accidentally added a story to the romance section while trying to see if there were sub-folders for clop / fetish clop, could a mod remove it please because I can't figure it out.

Edit: Nevermind, I miss the giant red trashbin button though


sounds interesting

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