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All are welcome to join the ranks of the almighty changelings!

Any stories can be added as long as Changelings play at least a major in it.

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B.G. ( BEfore Gelly ) I was Planning to make '' Gelly The Changeling :derpyderp1:

oh somepony likes me thanks

I need some one to live me for who I am but that never works out

Why does that avatar have to be so cute? Quite unexpected from the second most vicious villain in the show, including Tirek and the Storm King! (even she can't top Sombra)

All hail my fellow Queen.

may i join as a chef i love tons and hate few but i am no changling just a half bat half unicorn

Wait, if the Changelings could have gained extra power and lost their constant hunger and need to feed on emotions if they just decided to "Share love instead of taking it uwu", why didn't they just do that from the start?

Calling season 6's finale a bad fanfic plot is an insult to fanfics.

So, why join the herd when you can join the swarm? Chrysalis is best Villain! Dark Queen Chrysalis forever! Or at least until Hasbro decides they will sell more toys of reformed Chrysalis.

We need villain emojis! :flutterrage:


414956 I see things are well here at the hive.

414954 I believe the same as well. :)

414953 Just fine today. You?

Greetings to everyone

Canary wakes up in a dank prison cell, far from the sun. A batpony regime had brainwashed her fellow pegasi into believing they couldn't fly. After meeting a changeling guard, Canary finds an escape.
FLIGHT follows the rebellion against the bats, exploring themes of Truth, Depression, Revenge, and Love!
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Changelings are snuggable af :heart:

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