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All are welcome to join the ranks of the almighty changelings!

Any stories can be added as long as Changelings play at least a major in it.

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Good day to everyling,

I do hope things are going well.

I had heard that there was a famine rampaging through the hive. Has it ended or is it still a problem?

If you wonder who I am, my name is Silence.EXE. I am neither changeling nor pony, but an EXE, as should be obvious by my name. I do however take the form of a pony.

I write stories based on my view of events within the hive, Ponyville, Equestria, and in much, much worse places, such as the GrimDark where I was born. Unfortunately, my stories don't feature changelings as main characters.

However, I do have one story by the name of 'Grief' that involves a mind-link between the infamous (At least in the hive) Twilight Sparkle and a changeling. Sadly, the changeling dies in the story, but happily for Queen Chrysalis, she promptly goes insane.

My question is if it meets your criteria for story-postings in the hive.

Please do reply.

Stars guide you and Darkness fear you,

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Greetings. I am new here. I have never been in a group on Fimfiction before, and was wondering if I could get some help on how this works. I joined this group because I am writing a Twilight X Chrysalis story and I am looking for a way to spread it around.

greetings from dimension 429-X :twilightsheepish: aint no timeline like mine as you can see here http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198064020919/screenshot/939437166541715544 i managed to reform chrysalis AND marry her(as well as have foals) :pinkiehappy: and let me tell you i love that mare more than life itself :heart: celestia(my OC's adoptive mother) was less than happy when she found out i was falling in love with her... also i am working on a fanfic describing my relationship with her

I really like your story's and hope you make more. Here take some of my love :heart::heart::heart:

How is everyling!?
Doing grand I hope!
-Changeling #4478

B.G. ( BEfore Gelly ) I was Planning to make '' Gelly The Changeling :derpyderp1:

oh somepony likes me thanks

I need some one to live me for who I am but that never works out

Why does that avatar have to be so cute? Quite unexpected from the second most vicious villain in the show, including Tirek and the Storm King! (even she can't top Sombra)

All hail my fellow Queen.

may i join as a chef i love tons and hate few but i am no changling just a half bat half unicorn

Wait, if the Changelings could have gained extra power and lost their constant hunger and need to feed on emotions if they just decided to "Share love instead of taking it uwu", why didn't they just do that from the start?

Calling season 6's finale a bad fanfic plot is an insult to fanfics.

So, why join the herd when you can join the swarm? Chrysalis is best Villain! Dark Queen Chrysalis forever! Or at least until Hasbro decides they will sell more toys of reformed Chrysalis.

We need villain emojis! :flutterrage:


414956 I see things are well here at the hive.

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