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Ponies actually like my writing?! I am happy :D (He/Him)


If you're here, if you're reading....

Say hi! I mean, you came to my profile for one reason or another, don't be shy~!

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Four is definitely my max. :twilightsheepish: I can work on all four of them on my current schedule, but any more than that, and it'll be trouble.

No problem, good luck juggling four stories. I usually try to stick to 100k words per year, 10k per month with about two months of free time for myself whenever I publish long stories. I have no idea how I'd even consider juggling four at once, but somehow you're making it work.

Thank you for the addition!

(And yes, more chaps will indeed be out. I pride myself on finishing all of my stories, and will never abandon them.)

I mean, I definitely had my own bad experiences around, so I try to spread the love and happiness where I can :pinkiehappy:

While not the first comment I've seen from you, the latest comment on "A Crafter's Dream" was the last straw on the camel's back. I have only seen kind words from you. So thank you for being so kind to others.

  • Viewing 138 - 142 of 142
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