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Welcome to my profile! Now why are you here..?(He/Him)

Current Interest&Dislikes

Updated - 7/17/2020


No current interest. Nothing has caught my attention recently so I've been reading new chapters of stories I already know.


Anthro - Uninterest (inf/10)


I don't hate them all

Only a few lucky ones I even decided to read the description

And less I even read the first chapter

I Hate Anthro

Lol wat?

Did someone really go through the effort of disliking the last three pages of my own comments on my own user page for no reason? xD

Dems be haters abound:rainbowlaugh:

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Yeah, a lot of people mentioned that the sentences and paragraphs are very long and it made the story hard to read. I am actively working to break them up a little bit in later stories.

No problem:twilightsmile:

Though the story had one of my pet peeves, extremely long paragraphs, it was still a good story. Now, I like Mlp:fim, but in the end, it is still a kids' show. So I do like the occasional story I find that gives a slice of realism to it.

Thank you for the top rating! More Extended Cut stories are going to be published sometime next month; I hope you enjoy them.

Thanks for adding my story to your collections! :pinkiehappy:

May the Lord Jesus save, guide, protect, and watch over you :twilightsmile:

Sorry, don't know anyone like that:twilightblush:

  • Viewing 96 - 100 of 100
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