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Shockingly whimsical

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My Secret Recipe for Blueberry Pancakes:

  • Equal parts blueberries and pancake batter
  • YeeeeeeeeHAW!

Oh I know that my spelling is bad and the fuzzy creature that you were referring to is Pierre. And I thought that I was getting better. What’s the point of having editors if they don’t fix my spelling! Ugg.. glad to hear that you like it and see the flirting! Good luck with the chores!

Okay, so as i said i am binge reading your story. I'm almost caught up; i've just clicked on, but not started chapter You will be Okay and i've chores to do so i won't read more for a few hours after I post this reply.
I think the scene(s) i've enjoyed most have been when Sombra and Twi i mean Midnight are flirting, though of course they cannot admit it and the furry critter (sorry, i suck at names) starts to talk about "young love"* and gets interrupted. Of course every time mister fuzzysnuggles says that, i cannot help but think of the priest in The Princess Bride going on about "twoooo wuuuuuv", LOL, i gotta watch that movie again. (Forgive me, Cuddlesnugs.) Oh, shout out for the Rule of Three -- i think you had that happen three times.
*young, really? Sombra is over 300...

I'm still trying to figure your Celestia out. I'm leaning towards the theory that she has made (or, in the past timeline, is making) a terrible mistake, but not sure about it. I'm extremely devoted to her Highness and fully Evil Celestias make me profoundly uncomfortable.

I love your Luna! Luna is such a wonderful pony! Hugs! Hugs! Hugs! Squeee!

Really sorry to say that your spelling is a little bit of a hindrance for me, but i don't want you to feel bad about it -- i don't spell so well either. I'm really glad that i stuck with it and did not give up! I'm going to go ahead and do my upvote now instead of waiting until I am caught up to date.

No welsh is most definitely not my first language. That would English. I was reading a webcomic called Let’s Play and I got inspiration from that. Google translate was my hero when using Welsh.

I got a question for you though: What is your favorite scene or chapter so far?

I am enjoying Sombra's Midnight Star very much indeed. I am almost done binge-reading it!

Is Welsh your first language? Regardless, the Welsh verse and nicknames are a nice touch. (No, I do not understand them.)

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