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Shockingly whimsical

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Happy SIAD, Everypony! Minor hat tip to the movement in today's chapter.

P.S. Hours later. Now that it is tomorrow in most time zones, I wonder how other ponies celebrated SIAD this year. I did the usual (for me):

  • take a day off from life to work on art
  • put old sketch book on shelf & start a new sketch book
  • get saddled with a buncha chores and waste my art time
  • colourant issues
  • stay up too damn late to finish getting something, no matter how bad, on the first page of new sketch book

but, since this is the first day of the year on my personal calendar, "I will place my paper hat on my concussion and dance."

Too late, the author has deleted this story i recommended.
Dunno what's up with that, but i hope they are okay.
Is anything more haunting than a depressing story which you cannot ever hope to re-read again?

Hey Ponies! I don't know anypone IRL i can talk to about this so here you go: i gotta enthuse about this story i read a couple months ago that just won't get out of my brain.

It is called Retrograde and it is the most perfectly bleak story I have read in a long time, possibly ever. I wish I could write like this! But if you need something goofy and light to recover from Retrograde, i might be able to help.

When I say 'perfectly bleak' what I mean is that it is devastating, but understated. No overwrought histrionics. But it leaves me feeling hollow every time i read it. (At least a dozen times now...)

Go forth and read!


To post, or not to post -- that is the question. I'm toying with the idea of trying a multi-part story and i just don't know if anypony would care. Would anypony notice?

Comment posted by TheKMExperience deleted March 30th
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