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Shockingly whimsical


There's nothing like a little light humor to start a test subject’s spiral into crushing defeat, but GLaDOS may have to update the testing protocol to accommodate both ponies and friendship.

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Crossover tag. It exists and you need one.

“Safeword?” said GLaDOS, her laughter cut short. “His safe word was, literally, ‘safeword’? That’s pathetic.”

No it isn't. It's almost universally recognized as a good safeword for kinks...or, um, so I've heard.

I haven’t even finished tabulating your cumulative test results so we can properly evaluate exactly what an awful pony you are!

So you were testing for that! I bucking knew it!

the only available surface to which a portal might be attached was the bottom of a falling mass weighing some thousands of kilograms. It was a simple enough maneuver: take a position immediately beneath impending death, shoot the handheld portal device straight up, and pray.

If it's falling toward you, then the portal would break as soon as it was placed. Surfaces with portals can only move in the plane of the portal, or the portal will go away.

“Chell? Is that really you?”

It can't be. You're talking.

Ah, I can't tell if you're poking a little friendly fun at some details or if you are mercilessly shredding me. In either case, thank you for taking the time to do so.

Friendly fun. I liked the story very much. It's a bold move to cross over Portal and FIO, and even more so to not have GLaDOS and Celestia meet.

Thank you kindly!
Good point about GLaDOS meeting CelestAI. They must have met to wrangle out the volunteer protection protocol, but i missed a splendid opportunity for rude acronyms and juvenile innuendo.
It was fun to throw this together, though i obviously should have researched the game more. There must be a new type of surface on the bottom of the weight, yeah, that's it!
Thanks again!

Darn cute crossover! And it's really nice how the initial shenanigans turned into something more meaningful after the story had lulled me a bit.

Thank you! :heart: :hugs: :peanutbutterjellysandwich:

EDIT: that's where I recognize your name from-- I enjoyed your FiO: Last Leap story (and wish it had gone further). Cheers!

Thank YOU so much! I'm...theoretically still working on Last Leap. Theoretically. It aten't dead.

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