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If fanfiction is literature, then so is manga.

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Need your help. · 4:47am July 5th

Hello, I realize it's been a while since I updated, so I figured I would do so now. I haven't really been updating my other stories, focusing on my Men and Monsters story specifically. This isn't because I have no intention of continuing my other stories, It may take a long time, but I fully intend to bring all my stories to a close, despite the few amounts of people who read them. But, I figured I would focus on one story, bring it to an end, and then come back to one of the others. I realized

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Thank you for the follow!

2351725 Sorry if I bothered you, I was just trying to get my story more out there. I thought my stories had met the criteria, but at the time, I was very tired. I had been looking through many groups, and just wanted to put them in any that fit. Now that I look back at it, it's obvious why my stories wouldn't belong. So, yes, I do know what a shared universe is, and sorry again if I caused any inconvenience, I'll just be trying to find other ways.

Miss Insane, just to check, you are aware of the concept of a shared universe, correct? I do not know if you realize this, but your additions to the Oversaturated World group, while standing up well on their own, are not exactly cohesive with the works in the group as a whole. I must recommend you endeavor to remove them, not because I do not like them, but because they are simply incompatible with established canon for the Oversaturated World.

  • Viewing 486 - 490 of 490
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