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An old Brony who sometimes writes fanfiction though I have slowed down a bit in recent months. I mostly do Let's Plays on YouTube now.

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Anniversary again!! · 7:29pm Jul 6th, 2021

Hello everyone! Its that time of year again, this time celebrating my 10th year as a Brony and 9th year since becoming a Let's Player. Yes, I know. My fanfiction pretty much seems dead. Any writing I do is so haphazard that I couldn't really call it that. Even though i took basically a year and half off of Let's Plays, I mostly played video games and caught up with other things during my hiatus.
Speaking of my hiatus, I'm back to Let's Playing again! Here's a video to detail more!

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Thank you! That's really cool to hear. I'm glad I could have some form of positive impact on you. :twilightsmile:

How's it going, friendo?

I just wanted to leave a little comment on your userpage is all, as a sort of thanks. Cheer On was one of the first My Little Pony fanfictions I had ever read, and how I found this website at all, through a Youtube video. Aside from being funny, well-written and tonally aware, I think I created an account on here just to like that story, and ended up meeting some great friends and forming fantastic relationships as a result. And here we still are.

Kinda crazy how things work out like that: the impact we can have without us ever knowing about it, huh?

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I respect how you're still kicking around and creating content, all these years later. I think it's important to say that when the show as a whole is winding to a close. Great to see some of the old guard still enjoying the fandom, even now.


1934935 I thought about making a sequel to it and even came up with a basic idea. Unfortunately I haven't written any fanfiction for around two years now because I took up Let's Playing. I have three fics that remain unfinished that I keep saying I want to finish but at the rate things are going I probably never will. :fluttershysad:

Perfectly Insane

Hey I just got done reading the secret past/life of pinkamena Diane pie and I would like to say that it was really good and that I was sad when it ended so could you please make more of it it was really good and if like to read more


Thank you. I read yours and I have to say that is an interesting way to get something into Fluttershy's yard. The only thing I'm not entirely understanding is what Pinkie did there at the end to save the falling guy (you?) Then again, its Pinkie.

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