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The inn of the World is a place where storytellers can relax, enjoy food and drinks and exhange stories. Its mysterious barkeep listens intently to tales of things that go bump in the night and the horrors that lurk in the heart of every pony.

All stories written by members of "The Writer's Group".

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Someone wrote about an SCP!:rainbowlaugh:
(Even though SCP-1753 doesn't exist yet.)

Man... I've been really disconnected with you guys lately. I didn't even know about this!

that was... a kinda scary story... o.o

God, I thought I'd be free from SCPs by now. It's like they're following me. help.
These are awesome stories by the way, most of them qualify for me to favourite it. Good job, people!

(Small typos I could spot:
Introduction: "tingle ran down his spin"
The Moon Ladder: "The sounds of the forest ad been lovely")

Well, that's the utility of having a place like The Inn of the World, which i clearly metaphysical, and can be anywhere and anytime. Tough if we ever do this next year, I think I'll just use Luna as Cryptkeeper style horror-host, rather than do this framing story business, it was fun, but I think it sorta hindered what the writers dared to do.


Not neccisarily. I don't think it really hindered anything though it does kind of beg the question as to how some of these ponies know these stories perhaps.

I could prretty much work my way around pretty much any story. The good thing about thi format is that the stories are presented as stories, meaning that in many cases "they just made it up" is a perfectly valid explanation. :twilightsmile:

Oh man, how did I not notice that this had been posted until now? I've been looking forward to reading everybody's stories.

Oh, this is a second account for DudeManGuy btw, I just stay on this one primarily now. Either way, They're all pretty amazing :eeyup:

EDIT: Might I add that you depicted Red Velvet perfectly. The free taffy was a very nice touch

An interesting concept, very similar to one I have working in my head. I'll call you.

Honestly, I love anthologies like this. Unrelated stories with a common backdrop or theme, I love them. Next!

I like the Cthuloid feel this has, especially the city. Very reminiscent of Eternal Darkness. That is not a bad thing.

I've always been very fascinated by SCP lore and seeing it introduced into Equestrian culture in this particular manner is quite refreshing. SCP lore, and horror itself, often violates the rule of "less is more." There is enough unsaid here, along with the calm, cold, robotic layout of this document to induce uneasiness. You can always count on the Foundation to be cold in its methods.

Good story.

This story was interesting. Not grippingly frightening, like otheers Ive read, but a nice work of prose. The bit after the story finished was a little hard to follow, though. Would recommend a second look, perhaps a bit more polish, if possible.

For example, you modern weavers of yarn tell me that you should never ever begin a story with "it was a dark and stormy night" but for the life of me, I can't understand why. After all, some stories could only ever happen on dark stormy nights and this is one of them.

I feel a little bad with this one, mosty because I love Snoopy:rainbowlaugh:

The morning light was welcome. At the same time it stabbed at our eyes. How could something so comforting, be so cruel.

Well I'm sure we could all relate to that.

Very interesting, like the picture at the beginning.

Obesssion with hands, I read a goosbumbs book about that.

"The tree was huge and thick, but skeletal without a single leaf on it."
Very poetic.

Never thought I'd see a bar in Equestria.

“I'm Knell,” said in spite of myself. “Daughter of Starswirl.”

Very creative I like it!

Very interesting, this was very good to read.

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