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What have we done...
The Writer's Group March Group Challenge Responses.

Premise: In five-hundred and fifty words or less, please respond (in the most amusing way possible) to one of the prompts.

Cover art by: Owlor.

Chapters (7)
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Comments ( 12 )

Loved it, except I haven't understood the ending of the last story. Call me stupid, what can I say. :rainbowhuh:
Also, did nopony write a story of pizza eating Discord? Too bad. :pinkiesad2:

Otherwise, these made me giggle so much! :twilightsmile:

You earnned yourself a moustache. :moustache:

Ah, these were a jolly good laugh. But if i might have some input, change the story name to something like TWG Shorts Compilation and have each chapter dedicated to a different challenge... Probably easier than making a new story each time we do this.

what the buck... HA! nice

Wouldnt that make it hard to search for? I mean, eventually, we'd have to tag it with all genres and every character, and that'd just look cluttered. Doing it this way means we have a logical place to put the prompts where people can see them, and I just think the page will look nicer with multible stories up rather than just one mega-story.

384901 You have a point...
But i'm not sure, i mean, i think that we could just have this pinned to TWG front page and update it after each challenge goes by... But i'm no expert. Just voicing my opinion.

I am so happy with this. Was there a winner? Or did we just not do that? I'd like to know which story was thought to be best. I really liked Spike's Wastebin

Its a challenge, not a competition, the point isn't to be the best, but to entertain people with amusing stories and to have fun. You could also count the recognition you get by having your fic here and in the group as a "prize" as well, I guess.

My favorite was your "what's wrong with Applejack" actually, I'm a sucker for good build-ups, and it spoofs the fandoms tendency towards the... Sapphic. :rainbowhuh:

394606 Oh, I forgot. My mind processed it as a competition.:twilightblush:

Also, thanks for the praise.

And spike scores not once but twice (side note he writes all the letters his penmenship is probly amazing plus hes the only one with hands and fingers so hes already got all the none unicorns beat)
amusing cute funny stuff so :yay: all around

Oh crap... well, that guy is going to get molested ten times over. Or not? I don't know, that's just what I'm assuming. :rainbowwild:

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