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Luna listens to ponies stories in the tavern she runs.

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"Item #: SCP-1753" by DudeManGuy

Item #: SCP-1753
by DudeManGuy

Objects Class: Keter

Depicted: Entrance to SCP-1753‘s habitat. Red coloration of steps determined to be rust, traces of blood are also present. SCP-1753 can be seen just underneath the steps. Photograph provided by [REDACTED].

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1753 is to be kept under surveillance at all times. One teams of two is to be stationed at a point exactly 20 feet in distance to the subject. Each team must be provided with: 1xBinoculars, 2xFlashlights with backup batteries, 2xPadded suits in case of escape, and 5xTranquilizers.
Any request to swap teams will be denied. Teams are to cycle out every 6 hours. In case of escape, do not apprehend SCP-1753. The subject will not leave if light is provided to it’s eyes directly. If contact is made with SCP-1753, apply tranquilizers until movement ceases. In no situation should SCP-1753 be introduced to any environment other than it’s own. Upon subduction, SCP-1753 is to be returned to it’s hole.

Description: SCP-1753 seems to be equine in appearance. Coat color is cream, mane and tail both are a dark brown. Visuals of said subject suggest the presence of a skin rotting parasite, likely born from the dirtied water in which it resides. Known behavioral properties include ritual cannibalism, application of blood to own skin and mane, and self mutilation. No records of origin or family, appears to be the only of it’s kind. Language skills are undetermined, few interactions have been recorded. Over all mental capacity is speculated to be deficient.

SCP-1753‘s first recorded appearance was in Stalliongrad. It has since been determined that SCP-1753 was behind the mass disappearance of civilians, often found later as skeletons outside of the city. Victims were all contained to suburbs on the west side of the city, the same direction in which [REDACTED] can be found. This is the only known location of SCP-1753.

Research has concluded that the bloodied water in which SCP-1753 lives retains a highly acidic property. Upon further research, this liquid has shown detrimental effects towards conventional equine coat and skin. This data would suggest that the subject has adapted, or is of a different species.

Nothing is known yet of further contents of [REDACTED]. All attempts to investigate have resulted in failure due to hazardous conditions. No other entrances have been found, but they are speculated to exist.

ADDENDUM 1753-01: An escape attempt by SCP-1753 was successfully prevented on [DATE REMOVED]. There was only one casualty due to exposure to parasitic bacteria. Research has shown that this parasite feeds on organic material, and if introduced to the blood stream can become fatal within 24 hours. No evidence shows how SCP-1753 is able to survive with this parasite, but it is to be understood that it has become something of a host to the bacteria.

ADDENDUM 1753-02: Detailed study of photographs involving subject SCP-1753 suggests that it is completely blind. This explains the violent reactions to light. Extensive radar and audio wave research has shown us that SCP-1753 navigates through a series of tongue clicks, producing an echo-location effect.

ADDENDUM 1753-03: The wind in the area has uncovered a few bones under the snow, which have been identified as belonging to victims of the related massacre. Tribal markings on the bones suggest that SCP-1753 is intelligent enough to recognize idols. SCP-1753 is from this point forward to be regarded as mentally capable, and potentially under religious influence.

ADDENDUM 1753-04: SCP-1753 has escaped under surveillance of team #1753-12a. Questioning is to commence after treatment is administered to sustained wounds. Last known direction of subject is South. Parties have been sent in search, and further containment measures are being prepared at base. Any information on SCP-1753 is to be reported directly to your supervisor. Sightings are to be reported and monitored. Do not apprehend SCP-1753 without backup and proper safety.

“Where did you get this?” I demanded to know while failing to hide the alarm in my voice, but Red just grinned at me.

“That would be TWO stories, not one, would it not? Perhaps I'll tell it to you some other time.” I decided to leave it be, but made a mental note to ask Celestia about this next time I talked to her. He went back to his table to struggle with yet another piece of taffy. I just got those on a whim, I didn't think anyone would actually be interested in them.

“Excuse me,” a voice said right next to me and now it was my turn to be startled.

“Dear me!” I exclaimed as I turned towardsa blue earth pony I swear wasn't there before. “I didn't notice you.”

“Hardly anypony does,” he replied, and I had to lean over just to hear his voice. “Anyway, I do have a story for you if you want one.”