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Happy New Year. · 9:18am January 1st

Just that. 2017 was a harsh year for me. Too much political stuff, depression and the like.
However, two chapters are waiting in the wings and the chapter art for several more is done.
Hopefully, hopefully, things will happen. good things. Things that will allow us all to return to a sense of normal.

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Pieces of a Broken Heart: H.B. art and fanart.

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How are we doing today, P.B.?

Don't worry, I plan to. You're a good writer, even if H.B's story is painfully tragic to read.
I'll keep reading in the hopes that some day Anthony will get a happily ever after.

Sometimes a turtle is just a turtle. Sometimes, hopes, dreams, and expectations are ponies who get drunk.
Either way, I hope you keep reading. ^.^

Is that like a code or something? I keep seeing recurring dialogue and quirks in H.B.'s inner monologue's in these stories kind of like 'I like turtles'. Honestly, it just makes Anthony's situation and mental health all the more concerning.

  • Viewing 452 - 456 of 456
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