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Project Return Trip Part Six. · 2:07pm May 30th

After the song...Yes, sleep, my little Heartbreak.
Though you do not not see what strange forces may influence thine fate.
But with a subtle breeze dear viewers, perhaps a glace through yon spying glass
may give a glimpse into what yet may pass...

About face!

What stars shine in the heavens this sad night? And what secrets do they hold? What will the looking glass show us before this tale of Heartbreak is to unfold?

Starlight, star bright, first shooting star I see this night...

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2388904 Pfft, I wouldn't let H.B. get out of this THAT easily =P

2387119 I won't do that. I swear.

Don't disappear like Query...

You sure you there?

  • Viewing 443 - 447 of 447
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