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Happy New Year. · 9:18am January 1st

Just that. 2017 was a harsh year for me. Too much political stuff, depression and the like.
However, two chapters are waiting in the wings and the chapter art for several more is done.
Hopefully, hopefully, things will happen. good things. Things that will allow us all to return to a sense of normal.

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Just makes me wonder how the fet they're doing it. Do they like, check my page everyday just incase I make an inane comment, are they part of the ones in charge of the site( Seriously doubtful), or do they have some sort of bot that does it for them?
Questions that I will never get the answers to.

It is actually hilarious how persistent this downvote person has been. I think it's been years, at this point, through varying degrees of activity. They keep an eternal vigil.

You caught me in a 'I shouldn't cry at this, but I just might' mood. Thanks!

Was going through an archive and saw a piece of art I thought I recognised. Wew your story has come a long way since I was last here half a decade ago, and it's been an absolute pleasure to read - couldn't see a Kofi link or anything but it's honestly something I'd pay for! Anyway, was surprised to see you still active; thanks a tonne and take care!

  • Viewing 457 - 461 of 461
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