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An Inspired Inspirational Instrumental by Electron! · 7:20pm Nov 5th, 2018

I can't put it any better, so I'm gonna pull the direct comment left in the respective chapter.

"When HB passed out in the chapter "Gilded Cage" (number 7) — "Darkness sweeps over me and I pass out." — that moment inspired me to compose something.

And I did exactly that:

It is supposed to be played inside of the HB's head while she's unconscious.

Thank you!"

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To infinity and beyond!

Good to see your still hanging in there jet! Srry if this is a bit late but i remeber when i was just starting out reading fimfiction reading your stories on notepad from text files. Its been many years since then and its good to see your still here. Keep up the good work!

Just makes me wonder how the fet they're doing it. Do they like, check my page everyday just incase I make an inane comment, are they part of the ones in charge of the site( Seriously doubtful), or do they have some sort of bot that does it for them?
Questions that I will never get the answers to.

It is actually hilarious how persistent this downvote person has been. I think it's been years, at this point, through varying degrees of activity. They keep an eternal vigil.

  • Viewing 458 - 462 of 462
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