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So here we are, the Witching Hour — the quickest time to divide and devour.

Prelude to a Prologue

Endless Exploration

A Voided Heart

A Sense of Belonging

Conclusion Composed

Epilogue to an Eternity

Forever Afterward

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2903630 I dropped everything when I saw this comment. My profile is a quick tab for me, so I don't ever see the notifications for comments on it unless I see them Icame

But she's so wonderful :heart:

You always have the best Roseluck avatars. :3

2897066 Awe, thank you. I only hope I don't disappoint :heart:

2896780 Because you're nice and you've put so much honest effort into this site already:yay:

Thank you for the watch. May I ask how I earned it:heart:?

  • Viewing 2,636 - 2,640 of 2,640
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