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I love you · 1:22am January 24th

I can't truly hate, I know that. I can only love, even if I feel drained of it. I can't stop loving and I don't want to stop loving. It keeps me here; hatred also will, but I would be even more miserable. I'm struggling to improve myself, but the desire is there — I want to live longer than I anticipated I would, years ago. I want to love. It gives me hope in some strange way. I can't understand, but I can only believe. And I want you to know that whoever you are, whatever you are, I love you.

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2666706 Nah, bro. You were just away, banging all those exotic hot pones who wear socks ;3

Whoa. You changed your look when I wasn't paying attention.

You're welcome, but if you feel like talking about it I'm willing to listen.

As alright as I can be, about this time. Thanks for expressing concern :D

*hugs* You're welcome, are you alright?

2663853 I tried, I didn't, but thank you

Happy Halloween, hope you enjoy yourself to the fullest this evening.

2659719 ^.^ You're deserving~

Story Approver

Thanks for the follow. :heart:

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