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All the world is waiting for the sun, but only your shadow wil set, come the solstice. Soon, I will show you what you wanted to see, all this time.

Prelude to a Prologue

Endless Exploration

A Voided Heart

A Sense of Belonging

Conclusion Composed

Epilogue to an Eternity

Forever Afterward

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No worries! Pleasure to meet you too! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, right! You mentioned that right in front of me when we were all talking in that thread. :p Sorry about that. It's very nice to meet you, man ^^

Thank you so much for the watch! And to answer your question, yes, I have been writing before coming here. I'm still on fanfiction.net, but when I started doing MLP stories, I discovered this site and so I have been posting them both here and on that site.

  • Viewing 2,608 - 2,612 of 2,612
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