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Our minds bend and our fingers fold. Entwined, we dream . . . I know.

Prelude to a Prologue

Endless Exploration

A Voided Heart

A Sense of Belonging

Conclusion Composed

Epilogue to an Eternity

Forever Afterward

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I hope you're doing okay :fluttershysad:

Hope you're okies, Wendy! :heart:

To everyone: I've retired completely from ponies. I'm working on my own, bigger thing; bigger perspectives and even bigger goals in mind when it comes to my talent for writing. I'm not caught up in the idea that I've earned fame here or anything, but I am going to recycle all this material into something you'll all see one day in the future. Thank you few for all the support throughout the years, and I love you.

Keep on etching your hearts onto parchment. Never give up. In fact, give anything it takes, but never give up

~Cheering you on forever, Wandy :heart:

  • Viewing 2,634 - 2,638 of 2,638
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