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Our minds bend and our fingers fold. Entwined, we dream . . . I know.


This story is a sequel to Hexagons: Part l

Equestria is consumed by an endless winter. A misguided stallion named Sombra has risen up to proclaim himself king among the country, but for no reasons constructive: He stole away an entire city and unleashed an unspeakable evil upon the land. Premature deaths for children, a disgusting massacre for all . . .

Now, the country is home only to those deceased, vengeful toward all they can comprehend in their dampened frame of body and spirit. They incessantly wander the land without aim, but when a small group of mortal nomads emerges to seek the capitol of the Frozen North, they know not but few violent purposes — either to spare them from repressed horrors, either to kill. The group's straits are dire, but a gifted Unicorn among them leads way to the city, where those who survived hope to raise a new generation; a new era for a time that, unbeknownst to them, was already dead.

But whatever came of it . . .

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The Crystal Ponies have been gone for eons, and no one seems to care anymore.

In this modern age, history and society have greater things to worry about, and while it is severely disappointing, the reason is valid: Our very first generation of ancestors — our glistening mothers and fathers — are indeed the reason why the current generation, and every one before it has been . . . haunted. Stalked.

Watched, monitored for most of our lives, their reasoning is unknown, and what's left of the Crystal Ponies' history is disappearing fast. However, there is but one individual, cursed by age, who plans to retain and mend that history.

But will it serve to be just? Will it mend more than just three broken minds, bodies and souls?

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The life we knew, much like the childhood we all experienced at one point in our lives, is no more. We lived through the tough times. Granted, some may have been easy, and some may have been excruciatingly difficult, but we are the ones who have lived through life with premature intentions that meant no harm. We wanted to live it, as we craved adventure and pleasure, knowledge and acceptance.

But we have lost the way...

The noble, honest ways of old are no more. Life is no longer life in all it's previous meaning and sense. You can cheat, lie, thieve and deceive your way through it and not a single thing will happen to you, and even if some punishment DOES come, you'll just get slapped on the wrist and be told not to do it again.

Everything is so easy now, when back then, everything was very much the opposite.

This is Big Macintosh's story--his struggle--to find a way through the world of today, keeping his cool and finding ways to get through the troubles that it throws at him.

But he's not the only one who feels like this. No.

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Zor is now a very respected, legal citizen of the land of Equestria, and lives a pretty average life in the city of Ponyville, despite his otherworldly origins. After he fell from his home in the clouds—the only Hell he ever knew—he lost all of his previous memory; thank goodness. Now, he resolves to create a brand new life in the world below, the only heaven he will ever know.

One day, he unexpectedly receives a letter from Rarity, who was the town's very own seamstress and boutique owner. Now, she operates her own designer name under her own corporation as well. She gives him the proposal, or privilege, to work alongside her and be her second in command. Seeing as she seems to trust him completely with no prior knowledge about him, other than his reckless feat of saving a life in the past. he accepts and heads to the Crystal Empire, where she both works and resides.

Love can never be cut short of credit when you know that it's real, even from the very beginning. Take the opportunity to show that you care with all your heart. Don't pass up the temporary, one-time chance to be happy forever for all time.
Please... Do it for the sake of everything you have ever lived for. Do it for everything that you WILL ever live for. Because without it...you might as well just throw your life away.

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[First-Person story. It will eventually utilize the 'Alternate Universe' tag]

The Kalos region was never introduced, nor entitled to, the wondrous privilege of having Pokemon in its history; let alone to its poor misguided residents.

You see, it might be the whole religious belief that's making them insane—travelling across the country at least four times a month to worship some false entity who wouldn't even allow those poor ponies even a chance at happiness--
They literally sacrifice everything for what they believe in.

This is the story of Flutter May Shy, whose iconoclast beliefs soon reconcile all she was taught, and thrust her into a brand-new world where a brand-new name awaits her.

This is the story of how she came back from the hell she could have never dreamed existed, and all the friends she managed to make there.

This is the story of a world that is debated to be of actual existence to reality.

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Derpy's got it made this year, and she feels good. She's not-quite-Hell-bent-but-pretty-darn-determined to be the scariest whatever the heck she is, in all of modern Nightmare Night history.

But though, in her mind, she believes that she's a harmless kid at heart, who's just making her once-a-year route, the events that unfold more than blatantly prove otherwise.

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In the slums of Canterlot resides Princess Luna and the family she never intended on having. Her daughter, Woona, does her best every day to heed her mother's words and get away from the hell she has no choice but to call home; from her overly abusive father. She swears up and down that he can't be her dad, but the truth is as sad as the events that unfold whenever she tries to escape.
She's scared of the unknown.
However, an assumed imaginary friend returns to manipulate the child, but for the better. NightMare Moon, the evil entity that once enveloped the Princess of the Night, takes Woona under her wing and, with the help of her lifelong friend NightFlame, helps her face the world that she was forcefully banished from.

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I'm rewriting this story, essentially. As such, you see a lot less than there actually is. If you're curious about the story, PM me and I'll show you the rest. And even more, if you'd like to help me out, I would so greatly appreciate it.

The Cutie Mark Crusaders have regrouped after a personal hiatus; after about a year. Two out of the three live their lives according to new—and really not the best—kinds of 'philosophies', but the other member, Apple Bloom, remains totally faithful to her friends and her family.

However, her family isn't in the best shape right now: all of the metaphorical glue that held it together is gone now, and the Apple name doesn't have nearly as great of a reputation as it did years ago, before Apple Bloom was even born. But even more so—Apple Jack is missing, and the Crusaders come to find out that she's in deep trouble.

A powerful, psychic force doesn't make Apple Bloom's life easier during this time of confusion, as it begins to stalk her after she witnesses an event that, while she already questions so much about her life as of late, makes her question reality itself. As the Crusaders' group efforts to find the truth about Apple Jack reach higher and higher grounds, so does the threat that the force poses.

It wants something from Apple Bloom, it seems...and it wants whatever justice it so desires. It won't stop.

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The truth is, love really does exist. But when Zor realizes that he has not found it; that it does not exist based as such, he resolves the most difficult, most haunting issue he has carried on for years.
He was going to end his life...
However, when he receives a sudden spark falling from an even higher sky; his assumed second chance, he is plunged into a tale that he would never forget, for it had rescued him from his own disaster.
((I'm using my OC in this, and it's NOT the human. He's kinda just there to prove a point XD
This story represents how I discovered the happiness I wasn't letting myself have, and how making a new name for myself--Elusive Element--brought that joy into my life.)) [BUT, SINCE THIS ISN'T WRITTEN SO WELL AT ALL, THIS WON'T BE THE ACTUAL STORY FOR MY OC]

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