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This group is completely dedicated to the development of new authors for any kind of writing. Thats right! Any kind of writing here will be excepted. The folders are based on popularity of the fic with coordination to popularity of the author which means anyone who is scrolling through will know the like-dislike ration of your fic and how experienced of an author you are to have deserved that rating. While that may cause some problems, I believe it will help more than it hurts.

Have fun while your here and post some fics! I'm sure someone will be reading it soon!

Now, group rules.
1. In addition to general rule #1 (Groups dedicated to attacking specific stories and authors will not be tolerated) the only kind of criticism that will be allowed is constructive criticism. Here, we want to build authors up and not break them!

2. Keep the threads clean. I'm not talking NSFW clean, what I mean by this is to not spam the forums with multiple posts. It's truly annoying as hell.

3. For the 3rd and final rule, keep your posts on subject. I don't want random posts about movies that will come out in 10 years. If your going to post on the forums, make it advertisement on something you created around MLP. If you decide to make a MLP movie based around The Avengers, I sure as hell don't care if you make a post about it. It's MLP related and may just give you a small boost in popularity.

4. When it comes to submissions in folders, feel free to add them to as many as you want.

Hey you! You have an idea on how to make this group better? Drop a comment or send me a message and i'll see about what can be done!

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I hope this group is still active, my stories are in dire need of help.

Like Dark Deception: Friendship is magic.

Comment posted by IceDragonKing deleted Oct 27th, 2014

whoo hoo I've joined :trollestia:

362144 I'm not sure. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn't. However, the words has the definition that i'm looking for and thats what mattered to me.

Besides. English is a confusing language even for native speakers. So many rules that no one would ever expect.

I am not sure the word 'unbeknownst' can be used that way...

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