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This group is specially created for stories and writers whom get very little likes/views on they're stories/story.

All stories added to the group will be read and reviewed by the creator of this group (me) soon after they are added to the group (or, in other words, whenever I get around to it.). Anyone can join!

The benefits of this spectacular group;

1: it's a good place to veiw good stories that aren't popular in any way.

2: get advice and reviews on your stories

3: help other make they're stories popular

4: you may eventually hit the front page!

5: we accept any & all stories

6: find good editors!

7: find good artists! (I'm a good artist as well!)


1: no constant bickering in forums; you WILL get the forum deleted if you are bickering/quarreling/fighting in the forums.

2: try to keep casual forums to a minamum. Here is an example of a casual forum; "hey everypony! How you doing, my day today was good-" ect. Non story related forums should be to a minamum.

3: no stories with over 700 views. Only stories with 700 views and under can be added.
HOWEVER; if you succeed in getting over 700 veiws after, and only after, joining this group, you may keep your story here and continue to be a part of this community because you will, naturally, have more new stories to add AND will be able to help other stories become more popular! (Let me know if I explained that right and if you understand, please! :3 )

That's all folks! If you need anything, have any questions, just PM me!

~Midnight Scarlet

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Comment posted by annonymus deleted Sep 30th, 2019

could someone read my story it's the first I've ever written and I'd like it if someone could give me some tips to improve my story.

379778 write out the ark for your story, like main events and important things, don't immediately go for the detail. Get the backbone first.

Greetings to you all. I am Mr. Critical. I seek to establish my fic in the eyes of my fellow Fic readers. It may not be the best, but I do think it deserves a little more attention than it gets. Plus, I really like hearing about feedback. As long as it isn't rude.

hey i just posted a story about my OC Heavenly Quill and i would appreciate if ya'll would give it a read.

This group sounds like every story I've written thus far.

I wonder how many other people have accidentally added a story into the wrong group folder. :trixieshiftright:

Hey Midnight_Scarlet could you check out my story in AU area. It is not finished and I already know the first chapter sucks so... yeah. If you could do this I would be thankful. The name is A Tad Crazy With A Hint Of Magic.

378888 Well, if you can provide a link to your story (Gdocs or Fimfiction, either one will do.) I would be happy to read/edit it for you! :pinkiehappy: I'll do a review on it to point out the flaws (just for your info, I don't go easy on anyone I do reviews for. True critic right here. :rainbowwild: )

Hey all! I'm new here and I am writing my first story.. (Sort of.) I would really appreciate it if some of you can offer any advice, constructive criticism or just helping me find strategies on how to get noticed a bit more.

Thank you if you think about any of this! Means a lot!

Hello everyone (or everypony, just in case)! I am really interested in this group since its perfect for someone like me! I do hope that you guys can help me out with my stories, mainly to allow myself to get better in any areas. Thank you for your time and I hope you enjoy my stories!

I need some help on a story i am writing, It is my first time and the first chapter of it did not do so good. I am looking for someones advice on it.

378648 Well, I will probably take a look anyway and if I like it I will do a reading of it. If not then I wont.

It was actually Cupcakes (and rainbow factory) that introduced me to MLP.

I mean, this is just mindless, trashy gore to do but one thing: be as infamous as Cupcakes.
I wrote an absolutely horrid story, I admit that.

378643 Personally I don't mind too much gore (I love horror movies so some gore I am okay with, also I am tried in the medical career) as long as it isn't extremely excessive.

I've only ever written one dark story, and it's called Sewing Them Together. I don't like gore so how I managed to write it remains a mystery.

378641 Perhaps I will take a look into it. If you could give my the title that would help out a lot. :rainbowlaugh:

I wrote a dark story once.
Literally just pure death and stuff.
Absolutely horrible reading material.
You should read it for your vids, it's only, like
20,000 words.
Been my lifelong dream to have a Youtube reading.

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