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If pretending to be a sentient talking lemon on a pony fanfiction website is wrong, then I don't wanna be right.


Not Often Sentimental, Though Alluring, Let's Gather In Anamnesis · 11:02pm Apr 18th, 2018

TheLivingTombstone, Jackleapp. Sim Gretina, Ken Ashcorp.
Ponies The Anthology, Pony.MOV. Pony Music Videos, Musicians of Ponyville.
Two Best Brothers Bitching About Ponies. Two Best Friends Being Animated as Ponies. Mods are asleep, post ponies.
Mentally Advanced, Friendship is Witchcraft. Rainbow Dash presents: Fighting is Magic.

Y'all ever just take a pity trip and binge all the junk we used to consume back in the golden days of 2011-2013?

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Et Tu, Fruite?

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How does YouTube actually allow footage of real war crimes on its platform?

Honestly, that video is obscene and needs to be removed.


Honestly, I've listened to stranger ASMR.

Did you know that rabbits were used on the frontlines of the The Great Fruit War? I was just thankful that they don't have a taste for lemons.

Looks like the theme song is by Daniel Ingram, with lyrics by Mike Vogel, and sung by Ashleigh Ball and Vincent Tong. Lot of mlp people there...

And yes, Scorpia is pretty amazing.

Plenty of people were shipping Adora and Catra from the first episode, though I angled for Scorpia/Catra for a bit.

Owl House is set in a dark place. Great character work, really. I was surprised to reflect at one point on all the different parental dynamics going on in the show, actually, some between actually parents and kids, and some parent-like relationships. Not that that's the show's main focus, but it's interesting.

I feel like the executives may have tried to push things a little more in Harry Potter directions with the magical school, and in a different show that would have ended up as the main focus, but not here.

There was one episode that was pretty self aware about writing, too, that I liked...

--Sweetie Belle

  • Viewing 434 - 438 of 438
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