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Not Often Sentimental, Though Alluring, Let's Gather In Anamnesis · 11:02pm Apr 18th, 2018

TheLivingTombstone, Jackleapp. Sim Gretina, Ken Ashcorp.
Ponies The Anthology, Pony.MOV. Pony Music Videos, Musicians of Ponyville.
Two Best Brothers Bitching About Ponies. Two Best Friends Being Animated as Ponies. Mods are asleep, post ponies.
Mentally Advanced, Friendship is Witchcraft. Rainbow Dash presents: Fighting is Magic.

Y'all ever just take a pity trip and binge all the junk we used to consume back in the golden days of 2011-2013?

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Looks like the theme song is by Daniel Ingram, with lyrics by Mike Vogel, and sung by Ashleigh Ball and Vincent Tong. Lot of mlp people there...

And yes, Scorpia is pretty amazing.

Plenty of people were shipping Adora and Catra from the first episode, though I angled for Scorpia/Catra for a bit.

Owl House is set in a dark place. Great character work, really. I was surprised to reflect at one point on all the different parental dynamics going on in the show, actually, some between actually parents and kids, and some parent-like relationships. Not that that's the show's main focus, but it's interesting.

I feel like the executives may have tried to push things a little more in Harry Potter directions with the magical school, and in a different show that would have ended up as the main focus, but not here.

There was one episode that was pretty self aware about writing, too, that I liked...

--Sweetie Belle

That's good. I liked Big Blue Wave. I'm sure that they had some other bops too, but that's the only one I can name off of the top of my head.

I'm glad that the She-Ra series doesn't lean too heavily into expecting you to have already watched a lot of He-Man, and kept up on the lore to understand and appreciate it. I know that probably rubbed some die-hard fans the wrong way when it released, but it suits me well enough, as self-serving as that may sound. I'll have to give it a go!

I'm already vaguely aware of Catra and her cat-racter design. Catgirls do tend to do the rounds online. Don't a lot of people fan-ship She-Ra and Catra together, or it is something that's alluded to a lot in the show anyway? Also, having just looked up Scorpia, I already immediately love her, how goofy she looks, and her big, silly snappy claws.


The Owl House is something I've checked out briefly. I've watched one or two episodes here or there, and seen plenty of clips online. It seems to have a slightly darker aesthetic to it, despite being so colourful - maybe mysterious is a better descriptor, like Gravity Falls. It seems to have a charming enough universe set up, and the characters seem very sweet and sincere. That's another show in the lineup, Sweets. You're nettin' up all the free hours of my days like a fishing trawler of good shows.

Oh, forgot. I'm pretty sure it was just Tara missing, because most of the recording was being done in the Vancouver studio, but Tara lives in the US, (California, I think?), and was recording all her lines in her home studio. I know when Twist's voice actor moved to the US, they never ever gave Twist any lines again. (Of course, Hasbro didn't like Twist and had been slashing her scenes anyways...)

Of course, Tara was the first voice actor for the show. When Lauren Faust pitched it, she had Tara doing all the voices. In fact, the first animation test was all Tara for voices as well.

--Sweetie Belle

I think Hey Ocean's still around. Tabitha left Twitter, so even less social media presence for her now...

With She-Ha, I honestly don't know that much about the original He-Man/She-Ra either, and I suspect I might appreciate it more because of that. It kinda feels like with the reboot, they took the original scenario and the names of all the characters, and went reinventing everything. I don't think the She-Ra reboot even mentions He-Man at any point!

It is a great series. I have my quibbles about the last season, mostly in characters I liked getting sidelined, but definitely recommended. Plenty of LGBTQ content, which I'm always glad to see.

Favorite characters are undoubtedly Entrapta, Scorpia, and Catra. (And, okay, Mermista's awesome, too. I like most of the characters, just some more than others.)

Another show I'd recommend is Owl House, btw. That's mostly Disney+, though the first episode is directly on youtube. Where She-Ra has 5 seasons and is finished, Owl House has 1.5 seasons aired, we're on hiatus waiting for the second half of season 2, and season 3 is 3 double-length episodes, then it's over, unfortunately.

I've actually been blown away every single episode of season 2, and I liked season 1. It's kinda like someplace in the second half of season one, everything started clicking for them and episodes got better and better, and it wasn't bad to begin with.

Human girl goes to a horror fantasy world and tries to become a witch is probably a rather inadequate summary of the series...

--Sweetie Belle


It's nice to see that both have such an active Twitter presence. Ashleigh Ball doesn't really seem to post much these days except for promos regarding her musical career (is she still with Hey Ocean?) and Tabitha St. Germain is somewhat of a Luddite when it comes to social media.

When I started watching She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Princess Entrapta immediately went to the top of my list of favorite princesses for a lot of those reasons.

You know, I never grew up when He-Man and the associated media was at its prime so I didn't watch She-Ra when it first released. As a result, I still haven't touched the reboot, but it's been on my Netflix to-watch list for a while. Is it something you'd recommend, Sweets? I love the style and colour palette of the show, from what I've seen, and I've heard good things about it as a whole. Do I need to know a lot the Masters of the Universe franchise to 'get it' or can I jump in blind? The most knowledge I have is of He-Man singing What's Going On in that old Slackcircus video.

That said, I already like Entrapta from that image alone. Bonus points for the cool name that sounds like she's gonna en-trap-ya. She has a super cute pastel goth sort of dealio going on and girl I am all for it. She looks like the early 2000s and probably smells like grape. And her hair kicks butt. Wish my hair sat out in a big crazy Dilophosaurus display.

Do you know if Tara was the only one who didn't make it to the recording sessions? Most of the principal voice staff were based in Vancouver, weren't they? It must be really weird having someone else voice a character in the booth that you already know will be dubbed over with the actual voice. You can tell that I've never worked in the industry if I find that strange. But it's really charming if the actors have influenced each other over the 10 years of working together on one silly little cartoon horse show. Something heartwarming about that in a sense.

That Halloween costume sounds like a lot of fun!

I guarantee that I looked like a dork. That said, maybe I could give it another go this year...

I'll have to check the episodes out when they're up! I've been a little bit down lately so if there's something colourful and cozy to watch as the cold autumn nights roll in, I'm certainly welcome to it. Thanks again, Sweets!

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