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Partly in support to #GamerGate, but largely in opposition to SJWs and general mobs, bullies, liars, and the rest, we are here to tell you that we're not your shields.

A tactic for many on the internet, particularly but not exclusively Social Justice Warriors, is that they claim to speak in the name of minorities and those who are genuinely dispossessed, basically to quell any critical opposition against them and their grotesque ideas of justice and morality, using all kinds of people, including Autists like me, as human shields. What's worst of all is that I used to be a bit like that myself at one point, and to make up for this, I feel that I owe it to the internet in general to tell you that you are not their shields. You're strong people who simply don't need the oppressive arms of these special snowflakes to protect you. They don't speak for us, and often treat us the same as the so-called "shitlords".

Let the world know that today, we will not let them speak for us, we can speak for ourselves, thank you very much. We don't need any SJWs, to defend everybody else, because we're not weak, and we're not hopelessly oppressed. We're strong and there's a ton of hope for us, and our fates don't depend on some dumb teenaged girls. We're all different. We are diverse. We are aligned. And to all who thought otherwise, we are not your shield.

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Congratulations! In the face of overwhelming numbers of old groups, you stepped forth to create a new group. One with an unique ID that has not been seen in all of history. Behold! This group has been listed in New Groups.

Gamergate and this shield shit confused the fuck out of me to the point where I still have no idea. Also I don't care, but y'know.

Pff, I never took that stuff seriously anyway. Hell if I'm going to play GTA or Call of Duty online, I'm going to have fun doing it.

And I do!:pinkiecrazy:

I stayed far away from the #GamerGate and anti-#GamerGate bullshit, but I am interested to see how this group goes.

Would ask maybe to work on the group front page, it honestly isn't great and reminds me of the old feminist group that did nothing more than complain about men's right's activists. Also some story folders would be neat.

Don't worry everyone, I'm totally your shield, if you need one!
Feel free to be totally against things because of how much they victimize Lumie!

To be honest, I actually just see GamerGate as the lesser of two evils at worst, and a good goal that happened to attract some angry guys at best. I mostly made this because I got tired of people like me and others being used as human shields, treating us like we didn't know what was best for us, to keep people from criticizing bad behavior. I support GamerGate because I don't like to be treated as though I didn't know what was best for me, much less do I like the blantant corruption that was once rampant in gaming journalism, but trust me, I don't find them perfect.

I think I gave this group the wrong approach. I tried to bring a bit of focus to GamerGate just because people might accuse my work of being pointless, but the truth is, GamerGate has less to do with FIMFiction than that annoying human shield strategy. I had no idea that GamerGate was so infamous or hated; I knew that they didn't always do right, but the hatred for them, I knew nothing about.

I think I will change the direction of this group, take it away from GamerGate and turn it towards just letting people show that they can speak for themselves and know what's best for themselves, and won't be used as shields nor use others as shields.

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I only join because at this point I'm just joining groups for no reason

To be honest, I hate "GamerGate", but I'll stay for the other stuff this group represents and try to prevent it from becoming too polarized, whatever that means and entails.
But seriously, fuck GamerGate. Both "sides" are awful. It honestly sucks to be a small-scale game developer and a gamer right now; there's no escaping this chaos.

Hispanic teen with Asperger's Syndrome and ADHD.

Since I'm brown, why the fuck not

so mani scrubz need to lrn that gamez and fanfix arent the place 4 stupid political stuff

in teh name of The Best Authors, I support this ponifag parade


What the fuck.


Cherokee, actually, eh... Small world ain't it, eh.

I'll throw my bisexual hat in.

I am a part Indigenous Australian through my fathers line and am 25, I shall throw in a hand with this group.

You're part native? Which tribe?

I'm part Cherokee.

I am a white/native american 18 year old bisexual girl, I have come to join and support this group, eh.

Because I am no ones shield, and neither are you, eh.

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