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General Soarin

Welcome to the crazy house of Soarin'! While I don't necessarily have interest in the ponies anymore, I do still dream of writing decent fics.


Quick Update · 12:44pm Aug 29th, 2021

Very quick, but my internet here has been on the fritz this weekend, currently writing this on my phone. Should probably be able to get the chapter out by tonight at the latest, apologies for it being late

Edit 8:13PM EST: Internet still FUBAR, I have no idea what the hell's going on. Expect chapter by Monday night latest

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Stuffs About Me

I'm a 22 dear old male, who enjoys teh ponies. I specialize in strategy, writing, and also gaming. Pony List:
Best Pony: Luna
Worst Pony: None......yet.
Favorite Princess: Luna
Favorite Pegasus: Rainbow Dash
Favorite Unicorn: Sweetie Belle
Favorite Earth Pony: Octavia
Favorite Background Pony: Octavia
Favorite Wonderbolt: Soarin
Favorite Antagonist: Discord
Favorite CMC: Sweetie Belle

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Thanks. You can jump aboard as one of my followers. I'm always welcoming to new friends. And I'd be glad to make you closer to 175.

Congrats! I remember being so hyped to pass 100 followers back in the day. Of course, those times have long gone, but I know the feeling of hitting milestones.

Can't complain. I recently got 200 Followers.

Howdy! Been a while, work kicked my booty. How've you been?

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