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General Soarin

Welcome to the crazy house of Soarin'! While I don't necessarily have interest in the ponies anymore, I do still dream of writing decent fics.


It's been a while...let's have a chat! · 4:38pm Oct 11th, 2018

Wow...okay, so remember how I said that I was just going to fuck off and abandon this account? Well...turns out that while I don't hold any interest in the ponies anymore, I do still come here often to check on the friends and authors that I had met on my 5 year stint on this site.

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Stuffs About Me

I'm a 19 dear old male, who enjoys teh ponies. I specialize in strategy, writing, and also gaming. Pony List:
Best Pony: Luna
Worst Pony: None......yet.
Favorite Princess: Luna
Favorite Pegasus: Rainbow Dash
Favorite Unicorn: Sweetie Belle
Favorite Earth Pony: Octavia
Favorite Background Pony: Octavia
Favorite Wonderbolt: Soarin
Favorite Antagonist: Discord
Favorite CMC: Sweetie Belle

To see the rest of my results, go here

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Happy Birthmas

Happy day of your birthing.

Happy Birthday! :3

Congratulations, you've found yourself in the part of FIMFiction that delivers shitty horse words.

...What part of FIMFiction DOESN'T deliver shitty hoarse words? :pinkiegasp:

  • Viewing 214 - 218 of 218
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