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I read and sometimes edit stories. Little burned out though.


I tried writing something... · 3:15am Sep 19th, 2015

... and I did art instead. Sorry to all of you that have computers that run browsers... I probably kept these a little too big.

I think this is Luna... not sure.

This is probably Cadance Celestia.

I know this Cadance looks like a stallion, so I did some work to try and fix it.

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Thanks for the follow, though I am a little confused as to why. I don't produce any content.

Well I've seen you all over the place here so I thought "ehh why not".


Feedback is always welcome, and I do try to act on it all, even if it's not exactly in a timely way. :twilightsheepish:

No pressure, you got this.

I can try to remember to point out things if you would like.

Achievement Unlocked!

You earned the...

Now I just have to keep dozens and dozens of people happy...

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