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OC Creation Details

So I decided if anyone wanted to draw my OC, I could send them here instead of typing it over and over again. So here we go:

Name: Daedalus
Age: (whatever is the Griffon equivalent to 21 years)
Height: taller than the average Griffon (I'm 6,3 in feet, and the average American height is 5,9. So yeah, just translate that to Griffin) (slightly less than 2 meters).
Gender: Male
Character: Friendly, but not extensively sociable. Self restraint and thinks before he does random shit (Unless it is riding dirt bikes, because this is equestria and he has a dirtbike.)
White head feathers
Red eyes
Dark grey fur/feathers (body)
Yellow beak and legs (standard, as you would expect a bird)
Slightly lighter gray wing feathers

I Know Where You Live