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Update · 1:09am May 13th

So, this wasn't what I hoped my 400th blog would be...

Saw my GP and he agrees there is something wrong with me. So here is the easiest way to put it.

Imagine I'm running Windows 10 OS and a new update to my balance/equilibrium and since I'm running Windows 10 I didn't have a choice in downloading it and installing it. Well, turns out that update is full of bugs. So now my balance/equilibrium isn't working right anymore.

I've been referred to a special type of rehab called Vestibular rehabilitation which will help but we won't know by how much for awhile.

I'm so very tired all the time so getting any type of writing is hard even if my dizziness wasn't as bad as it is.

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Commissions!-Are CLOSED

So you are looking for a commission? Maybe you have an idea and aren't sure you can do it justice? Or maybe you really want to see something written but don't want anyone to know you wanted it? You've come to the right author!

For $5-6 USD per 1K I will write you whatever your heart desires. Open to both One shots and Chapter stories. Pony, Anthro, or Human. And as a special treat It doesn't even have to be pony related. I have a deviant art account where I can post your story or on fanfiction.net.

So What am I willing to write? Well, basically if you can imagine it i'm willing to write it!

Please contact me via PM, or on skype, search Foals Errand and that's me my avatar is the same as here on fim.

Warning: I may not specialize in what you desire, but give me the premise and i'm sure we can work something out!

Please allow 1-3 weeks per commission. Longer if multi chapter.

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Thanks for enjoying "The Sun Also Rises"!

I know this is delayed but thank you, thank you, thank you, so much for the follow! I appreciate it immensely, with genuine sincerity, and can only offer my biggest thanks. My gratitude is massive, and wish I had more to give, other than my warmest thank yous. I hope I can continue to please you, and satisfy you with my works, and hope you continue to enjoy them. Thank you again. :twilightsmile:

Thank you for the Fave on The Queen Dress. Queen Rarity appreciates the adoration of all her subjects. :raritywink:

i hope you are feeling better

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