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A few hobbies of mine would be animating, drawing, and writing. Wouldn't it be crazy if I got a job that includes one of those in the future? ...Pfft... Naaah....

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Story Genres - What you can expect from me

Slice of Life - One of the simplest at it's core, but can be very fun. I find SOL quite easy to write... depends on what situation the characters are in, or who the characters are. So I'd find the mane six easy to write in a SOL setting, but Celestia, Luna and Discord, for example, may be a little harder because they're demi-gods.

Adventure - Ooooh I love this one. But, unlike SOL, this one needs a lot more attention. Since you need to have a clear image of the world around you for the atmosphere to feel like an actual adventure when you're reading, I like to maybe plan out the world in my head, then maybe draw some terrible sketches of it on paper. Either way, I love writing adventure stories, because characters are able to interact with each other differently from a normal basis.

Sad - I like making sad endings because seeing people comment that they cried is somehow pleasing...
...because I know I did my job.
(Seriously though, angst is my favourite.)

Dark - Just kidding, dark is actually my favourite! Then again... it is still angst... whatever. I love making characters get scarred for life, have a mental breakdown, get depressed or something along those lines.
Especially Celestia, for some reason.

Tragedy - As long as I'm the one writing it, I don't mind it when my favourite characters die.
I don't like reading about it though.
Hush, I like watching you all tear up because of my fics.
...Because I did my job.

Comedy - I hate this one because whenever I try to do a comedy-based story, I end up failing. They end up less funny than Choice. I always have to through comedy in with another genre, whether the genre is Slice of Life, or Dark.

Romance - OH. OH HERE'S THE LOVE-HATE ONE. I'll be honest with you all. I hate romance stories.
It's usually because either both of the characters are uninteresting when I read it (looking at you, Clara Oswald), or worse, I actually really like one of the characters, so I end up hating who they hook up with because they're completely uninteresting, and since one's awesome and one's not, I can tell the chemistry is forced and badly written (looking at you, Reflections arc). This is why writing romance is a challenge to me. I'm worried I'll go for those painful cliches, because wow, are they easy to fall into.

BUT. I'm also a shipper ^-^ So 'tis all good.

Fret's full bio weee


I'm just gonna assume that you clicked on my name to get here.


So, I'm pretty sure I'm mostly known for writing 'No Elements, No Harmony' out of all the stories I've written on here. How the tartarus its got over 2000 views beats me, but here, if you're interested, here's the link. Only because I can:

Right, with that over with, I'll introduce myself.

I'm a writer who wastes far too much of her time writing pony fanfics.

There, done.

Okay... I'll add more.

Favourite pony: Luna's awesome. Expect some stories with her in the future.

That reminds me. I think I better explain what kind of stories I'm going to be posting here.


Buck if I know. I mainly like writing dark stories, or stories that make you cry, because I feast of your tears.
I'm just kidding.
But as well as the 'dark' and 'sad' stories you'll see here, you'll see some comedy thrown in there now and then, even in fics that aren't tagged with a comedy tag. Because if there's anything I like more than making you cry tears from the feels I may or may not give you, I love making people laugh :pinkiesmile:

I think it's also worth mentioning that you'll see a heck of a lot of Discord and Celestia stories. They won't all be romantic, it's more because those two are just far too much fun to write.
Seriously, they're like drugs...

Oh, you'll see a lot of Celestia stories too. She doesn't get enough love, and there's a lot of story potential for her alone.

Also, I'm a shipper. So I will list my favourite ships.

OTP: Dislestia (As if that wasn't obvious enough)

Ships that I ship because I find them interesting or unique: Dislestia, TwiLuna, Flutterceps

Ships I ship for the sake of shipping: RainbowPie, Rarijack, SoarinDash

Guilty Pleasures: TwiLestia, Sparity

Ships you'll never see me ship, so if you ship any of these, don't be surprised when I express dislike towards any of them. Yes, this is pretty much a warning more than anything else ^-^: Fluttercord, FlashLight, Good!SombraxCelestia

Ships I ship in a platonic or mother/child or sibling-like relationship: Fluttercord (Between mother/son and sibling-like) Twilestia (mother/child) TwiSpike (sibling-like)



i might be back?? · 10:10pm May 12th, 2017

wow hey it's been a while

okay, so i haven't been on here for a long time. a very, very long time.

the reasons for this was originally that i was working on another fanfic for another fandom (steven universe), but i can't say that's the reason anymore.

the reason for it now is because i've become mentally unwell and i have had basically no motivation to write. i've been able to draw, but writing is basically out of the question.

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Hello I was just wondering are you still working on stuff or are you done?

hey, how are you ?

2041913 You're welcome! ^^

Hey! Thanks for favoriting Too Much? :twilightsmile:

2034480 I have indeed tracked it ^-^

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