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A few hobbies of mine would be animating, drawing, and writing. Wouldn't it be crazy if I got a job that includes one of those in the future? ...Pfft... Naaah....


A spell gone wrong, Twilight, Celestia and Luna have no answer how to get back home to the Equestria that they know.
Instead, they're stuck in a place where things are similar, yet so different.
They're stuck in what Equestria could have been.
And all they have is a book and their memories to help them.

Proofread by WickedlyTragic and Fuzzman

This is my first attempt at a full on chaptered story. So whether it turns out bad or good we'll have to wait and see.
EDIT 15/8/14: This got featured? Holy Celestia and Luna...
EDIT 2 29/10/14: Got on the Popular Stories... hnnng :derpyderp2:

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Oooooh pretty new story with Tia, Twi,and Luna on a adventure! Yes please!:twilightsmile:


1. An interesting story-premise, as well for using Celestia and Luna as active main characters (at least, I assume so).

2. I might suggest one storytelling angle & thought though, and that is to include Spike in the dimensional jump. Why? Several storytelling reasons.

~ a. Because with three alicorns, that is a lot of potential power there. You need a 'normal' cast member to balance it out. Think of it like how The Doctor has a human Companion, or The Avengers (or any super-hero team) have a member with no super-powers, or the AutoBots have human friends.

~ b. Spike also offers a different and more grounded perspective & opinion. Like it or not, your three main characters tend to think alike (unless you are going OOC with them, which hurts the quality of the fan-fiction). So you need someone to offer a counter-opinion, or a solution that they would otherwise not think of.

~ c. Comedy & Solution Inspiration. Spike, by character role, is the comedic character, as well as the one who points out the blatantly obvious or simplistic (but inspired) solution to where the powerhouse or genius-intellect characters often miss, overlook, or cannot perceive (immortal character-types in most settings tend to have a time-worn mindset, in that they literally cannot perceive certain ways of thinking or solutions that mortals take for granted).

Just some food-for-thought for your storytelling.

Thanks for the advice C: I do realize three alicorns is a lot of power, but for the 'normal' character, I'd say that it's Twilight. I would say more but I can't give much away :raritywink:
And about Spike,
In future chapters, Spike will Indeed have a bigger role, and in both universes will be more serious than here. But I didn't bring Spike with the princesses for two reasons -
1) In our current universe I wanted him to play a bigger role.
2) I didn't want him meeting his counterpart.
I really do appreciate the comment C:

4678234 ...

Unfortunately, Princess Twilight both represents the genius intellect character (thus why she needs Spike, even more than her fellow Elements, in the cartoon), as well as tending to think like Princess Celestia (no surprise there). But if you have a clear & definitive direction for your story, then by all means, sail onwards.

I knew it! Funny thing is, my next story after my current one is based largely around this premise.:rainbowhuh:

You're a mind reader!


I'm psychic, didn't you know? C:

You know, I have to wonder how things survive under Eternal Night. Things would freeze to near absolute zero long before 1000 years pass. Unless Solar Flare had something to do with it...

... the Discord has been doubled!

4714304 I had a feeling someone would ask that C:

That's going to be explained in future chapters C:

"NO. No more alicorns, I can't take it! Though, I suppose Princess Rarity is better than Princess Discord..."

Not to sound like a know it all here but Rarity was an "Alicorn" before Twilight was a princess but i think Discord made a good Alicorn if you ask me
to tell you the truth "Alicorn" Rarity looks more like a Flutter pony than an Alicorn......

A shame (or blessing), that the MLP comic isn't cannon.

Celestia wouldn;t look like a Cannibal, just a Monster. Cannibal is eating your own kind, and bacon is made from pigs, not ponies.

Also I think it's weird how disturbed Celestia is that he's chained, considering she IMPRISONED HIM IN STONE!!

4741144 Eh... same thing :rainbowwild:

She's actually got something else on her mind about why Discord's in chains.

I'm giving the story away... :facehoof:

I swear, I feel like we're each copying each others' story.:trixieshiftleft::trixieshiftright:

4776319 We are? :rainbowhuh: Weird

When the time is right i hope that Celestia and Luna take the sun and moon just to rattle their counterparts.:rainbowwild:

4782371 When I finish this story I may or may not make that an alternative ending

No really, I like that ending better. :pinkiecrazy:

4783602 :pinkiehappy: Makes sense. Nightmare and Solar will be going what the hay as the heroes move in.

As soon as I read that Discord was in chains this immediately popped into my head.

4818565 oh my gosh yes

*adds to list of things I need to reference in this fanfic*

Question. How is it that Nightmare Moon doesn't sense another being dreamwalking?

4823878 neglecting her job maybe?

4823878 Because Nightmare Moon doesn't bother to dreamwalk, she only cares about herself.

Also, she's 'Nightmare' Moon.

And I need to stop giving hints.

4827602 i figure she reveled in the NIGHTMARES of her subjects.

4827610 Indeed it would be a good punishment

4735416 Actually, they are canon. Hasbro said it themselves.


So cannon that we'll never ever see reference to them in the main show, even if events in the main show directly contradicts what happens in the comics (like the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes comics)! Yay for supposed continuity that we'll never ever see! :pinkiehappy:

4849121 Until the show does something or other that proves they're not, they are indeed canon.

...Wait, that means CelestiaxSombra is canon.

They're not canon.

But I referenced that same comic in this.

...they're canon... :facehoof:

cool magic lazer beam explosion defeat

Okay, why does this sound like Power Rangers?

"Are we ever going to have a cool magic lazer beam explosion defeat?"

Well, we had a cool magic beam defeat. Is that good enough?

4854369 Very unintentional reference I guess? I've never watched it :rainbowhuh:

4734733 Rarity was no alicorn. Wings and a horn doesn't just make you an alicorn. You need earth pony magic as well.

4854763 Blame Larson... he wrote Sonic Rainboom, not me.

OK, one thing: if they do manage to save the world, I`m wanting that world`s Twilight to come down from the sky, making the universe`s nearly identical. ...Well, of course then she needs to get corrupted as the other princesses did. Being killed before you`re even born would probably mess your head up quite a bit.

4857626 The other universe's Twilight actually doesn't come in for a while... well, not exactly... gah :applejackconfused:


We'll, completely disregard my earlier statement.

Oh hey.

The plot just got moving.:pinkiehappy:

Stuff's happening!

Aaaand... f-f-f-featured!


"Pssst, Luna. Pssssst."
"What doth thou want?"
"I'm bored. Let's go ditch work and waste time in some alternate universe. Twilight's most likely available."

4904748 Why do I like this version better?

4904259 This got featured again?

geez o3o

Allowed. Not aloud. Similar but completely different.:derpytongue2:

If it was featured once it will be featured every time it's updated afterwards. Just the way it works.

4905179 I just don't know what went wrong... :derpyderp1:

but thanks for that xD


Unless you mess up horribly and kill everyone off. Then you deserve to let your fan base slowly wither away.

4916953 Don't worry.... there are survivors I swear.


I meant it as a joke, but now I am genuinely wondering how truthful that statement really is.

4917246 I know it was a joke, but someone is going to die in-


i'm one for spoilers... I blame River Song.

...Doctor Who fans will get that.

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