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Green Cuppa

I have not yet begun to procrastinate.

"When you first become an artist, you are like that rock. You're in a raw, natural state with hidden gems inside. You have to dig down deep and find the emeralds tucked away inside you. And that's just the beginning."

"Once you've found your gems you have to polish them. It takes a lot of hard work. Oh, and here's the tricky part. Look at the crack in the geode. You see that big green crystal there?"

"You could spend years polishing that, and it wouldn't be worth much at all. The smaller crystals are much more valuable, and there may be some even deeper inside that we can't see, which are even more precious."

- Whisper of the Heart

All That You Need to Know About Me

Hello. My name is Kacie and I'm just your average thirty-four-year-old fan.

I'm the youngest in a family of four from Texas and formerly worked full-time as a receptionist for a couple assisted and independent living communities. I listen to classical music, prefer tea over coffee, and my favorite color will always be green. I have two pets: a black Labrador Retriever (Scout), and with the passing of my recent cat Oreo late January (may she rest in peace, my loveable girl), I'm hoping to get a new kitten soon. On a random note, my astrology sign is Pisces, and my zodiac is the Rabbit (2/28/87, baby ~ ).

I'm a college student aiming for a Bachelor of Fine Arts, in the hopes of going into the business of writing, but I'm starting to wonder if I should have changed my degree into an English major. Oh well. :twilightsheepish: Although college has unfortunately been on the back burner for me for quite some time, I optimistically hope at some point to finish it if I can.

As an all-time nerd, my life is dedicated to anime, cartoons, and video games. I have a few nicknames, but you can either go by my real name or any part of my account name. My hobbies include drawing, reading, roleplaying, and writing (but mostly roleplaying and writing).

I once hoped to go into a profession towards art (drawing specifically), but my own personal challenges made that complicated for me and I realized that perhaps such a profession wasn't meant for me to achieve. Discovered through my English teacher back in early high school, I realized I had a knack for writing. I think that deep down I've always felt something while I wrote; a spark if you will and eventually realized that I quite enjoyed it. Especially coming up with enjoyable stories and weaving plots.

I hope to one day see original stories of my own published and on the shelves. Some people seem to think I have the potential, so I can only hope but first comes effort, and as any writer knows, coming up with something from scratch that's original and not a fanwork takes much more time (especially if you want it to be unique or right). Then again, I'm OCD and I know for a fact this has foiled me on a number of occasions. All the same, I consider fanfiction to be a good medium for honing my skills as a writer.

I'm also a bit of a shipper (though who isn't, these days?) Writing fanfiction on pairings is a great passion of mine and I have many pairings I'm in love with from all forms of entertainment.

Q & A

* Why "Green Cuppa"?
As I mentioned above my favorite color is green. I also enjoy a tasty cup of tea, so I thought the name itself was suitable and sounded pleasant.

* Who's my favorite pony?
A supervising computer technician I met from Fry's Electronics once told me: "I don't have a favorite. I love all the characters." And he's right I couldn't really say either, seeing as they all are also my favorites (from the mane six to even the princesses). I've felt there has been either a lot of personality or potential for character growth in each character, so how do you expect me to choose one (but if I was forced to absolutely choose, at the very least I would say Fluttershy would be on the top of my list. Then again, it also comes from all the adorable things she does). Best Princess will always be Celestia, and best non-pony character is Discord.

* Who do I relate to most on the show?
I'm a combination of Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy (but lean more as Twilight, for being just as impulsively OCD as her).

* What do you consider to be your main MLP ship?
Dislestia (Princess Celestia/Discord)
I have plenty other pony ships I'm into (Cheese Sandwich/Pinkie Pie is my runner-up), but not as much as with Dislestia. But just like any other shipper, I may discover I love other pairings as I go.

* How can I get you to read my fanfiction?
Apart from the writing basics of spelling and grammar, have good character development with one or more characters. Something about character growth always catches my interest by default; of course, that's only some of the many things I like to see when I read.

I hope to post some of my own MLP:FIM fanfiction on here, and I hope that you will all enjoy what I have to offer!