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After the events with the Tantabus, Luna thinks she's got everything under control. However, when Twilight drops in to pay her a visit, she starts to question her own actions.

Chapters (2)
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I'm curious to see how Celestia will react. Will she take it well or will she turn into a sobbing mess like Luna did. Great story:yay:!!

6489019 Thank you ^^

6489207 I imagine she would be both. Sobbing mess Celestia is my fav to write :p

Yeah, "deals with guilt by creating dream demon to torture herself every night" is going well beyond "quirky." :pinkiecrazy:

6489600 Just a tad beyond :pinkiecrazy:

Wonderful story. It feels more right than how the show dealt with it.

6490049 Thank you, I'm glad you think so.

Now I really want to read the part with Celestia...

nice story

6491778 I don't know if I'll write it or not since I wanted to leave it as a cliffhanger.

6489207 Oh BTW was that "Please help me" line a reference to The Fly? The similarities are uncanny:pinkiecrazy:!

6493044 Either way could work:pinkiehappy:!

6510205 It isn't, actually xD but if you wanna see it as a reference then go ahead c:

6493044 It would be awesome:rainbowdetermined2: if you made a sequel about how Luna and Celetia talk it out:ajsmug:.


I too found that episode rather disturbing. What Luna was doing to herself to handle her guilt wasn't much different than self-harm. She even said that the idea was to punish herself, because in her state of mind, she deserved it. It colours the whole show now; every time you see her, you know how badly she's coping.
I felt more than a bit shook up after hearing that, and I too think that that kind of serious problem needs more resolution. If not the Tatabus, she'll find some other way of hurting herself if she gets in a bad place. It also makes me wonder if Celestia is aware of what a hard time Luna's having.
It would be just like Twilight to follow up like this.

6519811 Agreed. I find it hard to look at Luna like I did before, but then again... Fluttershy's even more personal to me, yet I don't have too much of a problem when it comes to her, but only because I'm used to people mixing up 'shy and introverted' with 'COMPLETELY PANICS WHEN PEOPLE ARE GLANCING AT HER OMIGOSH AAAAH'. I'm glad Flutters is pretty much over that in S5, but Luna seriously needs help. Simply a line muttered under her breath along the lines of "yes, I got help after those events" would be completely fine, I'm just hoping the writers don't just leave it to the wayside.

Yes, I agree about Fluttershy; I found I'd often imagine myself talking Fluttershy through something when I was trying to cope with my own anxiety. She seems to be better now, and it isn't interfering with her life as much as it used to, so that's good.
But Luna's problems are a whole new level. At first, when the episode came to its (in my humble opinion) too-easy end, I said to myself 'Well, it's a show for kids, they can't really talk about people dealing with their self-hate by hurting themselves. The reality of that situation is too emotional. It has to have an easy answer, or it becomes too heavy of subject matter.' Then I remembered, that excuse is a bad excuse. If they had no intention of tackling that kind of (let's be totally frank here) mental illness, then why bring it up at all? They didn't have to retcon Luna into someone suffering from at best a massive guilt complex and at worst a crippling pain addiction, but they did. If all they were going to do to resolve that was less than a minute of Twilight's motivational lecturing, then it doesn't make sense to bring it up in the first place.
But, lately I've been trying this thing called 'trusting the writers'. They've been doing exemplary work so far, and I think they'll probably keep it up. Going back to Fluttershy, take her for an example: never once did they actually say the words 'anxiety disorder', but they've treated it in a similar way. She's faced her fears by gradual increasing degrees and found ways to cope with them so that they don't wreck her life the way they used to. I'm thinking they'll do something like that for Luna; they're probably not going to let it 'fall to the wayside'.

6520062 I do hope they don't let that happen. Then again, Scott Sonneborn has messed up his morals before, like in Somepony to watch over me or even Trade Ya. If this episode was written by Cindy Morrow, perhaps, it would most likely be plausible. Why not give the episode talking about depression to the writer who made one of the best anxiety and death-centered episodes?

Oh well, it's not like there's no other character who they could "remake" this episode on *coughcoughCelestiacough*

Excellent - added to Sad Luna.

“Luna… why don’t you want anyone to help you?” Twilight asked her, her tone gentle. Luna pressed her lips together as she tried to swallow the aching in her throat, but it wouldn’t leave her alone. Having no choice but to reply, she gave up and opened her mouth. What came out wasn’t an answer, rather a sentence that was just a bunch of sputters and sobs mixed together. She had to take a deep breath before she could muster the word, “Sorry…”

You should split this paragraph after the first sentence. It's confusing otherwise.


At first, when the episode came to its (in my humble opinion) too-easy end, I said to myself 'Well, it's a show for kids, they can't really talk about people dealing with their self-hate by hurting themselves. The reality of that situation is too emotional. It has to have an easy answer, or it becomes too heavy of subject matter.'

I realize I'm three weeks late here, but it might be worth comparing Steven Universe. One character had an episode where her crippling self-esteem problems came to a head and hurt someone else. Then there was an episode about the victim struggling to forgive her, episodes touching on how her actions affected the others in the group, an episode where she came to a reconciliation and opened up about her issues, and later an episode that showed how she'd developed a support network and could handle her problems more effectively. To be fair, SU is for a slightly older audience, but it still shows that you can handle that stuff in depth while remaining child-friendly.

As for the story itself . . . I can tell how hard it was to write, especially the second chapter. This is not a "polished" story, and in some respects, that's perfect for how awkward the characters feel as they struggle to find the right words. I felt like I was watching someone open up an abscessed wound and carefully clean it out so it could heal. Thumbs up, but I'm not going to request any more of this--it was hard enough just to read two chapters.

6594061 I'll have to watch this episode of SU... First I need to start watching the actual show, which has been on my 'to do' list for a while now.

Indeed, this thing was hard to write, but I'll say that the awkwardness of the characters was done on purpose. In real life, this issue would be hard to put into words or to even get off your chest.
Don't worry, I'm not writing more. There's nothing more to write, anyway.

Aw. I likw this story. I think it's an important story to read for many people that punsish themselves form something they done. It's a great story that says the importance of getting help.

"you would never want any harm to some to anyone…”

Eh? Am I reading that wrong?

This is really powerful. Thank you so much for writing it. It's pretty similar to something that I am writing, Camp Orion.

So awesome and beautiful

I like this. It truly shows the sisters, powerful and unconquerable rulers, and hurt ponies that they are all at once.

6595337 I think

to some

wasn't supposed to be in there :derpyderp2:

You should read Princess Luna and The Festival of the Winter Moon. Trust me, you'll enjoy it. I don't know how to explain why without spoiling the story. Anyway, I used to have severe depression and I self-harmed to punish myself and I even went much further than Luna and attempted suicide eight times, and to me, Luna's behavior seems off somehow. I can't really explain why, though. I know different people act differently, but I happen to have the same personality type as Luna. Also, look up the definition of rasp. I don't think it means what you think it means.

7044011 Hey, I know this is a beyond late reply, but I was wondering how you would recommend me to write Luna if I were to fix any errors in this story? I feel like your experience would help me write her better :twilightsmile:

I like this story a lot. Good job!!!:twilightsmile:

This hits.. way too close to home. Well done.

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