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Lily that grows in the darkness.


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  • Gilded Sister A young girl who never got a chance to live is gifted that chance in the form of a new body, life, and brother. How will this old soul take to her strange world? by Kind of Brony 82,638 words · 11,025 views · 1,780 likes · 32 dislikes
  • Seven Lights The multiverse is just one grand experiment for many immortals as they try to explore its secrets. This is the story of one such experiment on what would happen if a new element was added to a universe that nearly exaclty parallels the original. by Fresnor 263,207 words · 3,079 views · 283 likes · 25 dislikes
  • Shifting Melodies He's a unicorn accountant in service to a smuggling ring. She's a high-ranking Thestral in the Day Guard. Together, they fight crime. Too bad one of them's lying. by Thadius0 1,092,574 words · 7,672 views · 958 likes · 63 dislikes