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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.

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I know I've said it before in previous blog posts · 10:14pm Last Wednesday

But writing is hard, yo.

I'm sick as a dog at the moment, which isn't helping. I'm trying to keep chugging away on active projects, and I've gotten a lot done so far this month, but this week in particular has been pretty much a lost cause. Hopefully, but the end of the month I'll have a couple of things updated.

Stay healthy.

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I imagine that if ponies have the phrase "where the sun don't shine" it originates from Celestia's comments on her own junk.

Addressing your picture: Dayum, Sunbutt. You'd think there'd be enough sunshine back there to keep the undead at bay.

Maybe dust the old graveyard once in a while?

Aww, I liked your old avatar more. :fluttershysad:

Thank you! Belated happy birthday back at you!

Happy Birthday to ya!

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