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I write pony words that people seem to like. I also review fics and draw purty pictures, apperently. I'm an older fan of MLP, so expect a lot of 80's references.

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I feel the need to apologize. · 1:37am March 31st

I have not been writing as much as I feel that I should be. Or that you all deserve. For that, I am sorry.

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I have 2 more chapters planned. They have both been outlined and only a little preliminary work has been done on the first. My time has been absolutely DESTROYED these past few weeks, but I should be balanced out soon to get the ball seriously moving again.

Thanks for the compliment, fam. It goes a lot toward making my day brighter.

Hey Fuzzy! Thanks for all of your wonderful stories. I hate to be a bother, but is an update for Spicy Tuna Roll in the works? Thanks again!

I imagine that if ponies have the phrase "where the sun don't shine" it originates from Celestia's comments on her own junk.

Addressing your picture: Dayum, Sunbutt. You'd think there'd be enough sunshine back there to keep the undead at bay.

Maybe dust the old graveyard once in a while?

Aww, I liked your old avatar more. :fluttershysad:

  • Viewing 104 - 108 of 108
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