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This story is a sequel to A Stitch in Time

Having discovered the message left for her by Star Swirl the Bearded in the distant past, Twilight once again finds herself caught up in the middle of a struggle against forces far greater than herself. In order to even stand a chance she'll need to travel further and wider than she ever has, and forge some unlikely alliances with old enemies. All to bring down the powers that have manipulated and shaped her entire life, and retake control of her own future.

The conclusion of the Time Loop Trilogy, which began with Hard Reset
Available in Spanish thanks to dgs1993
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:twilightsmile::twilightsmile::twilightsmile: Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes! :twilightblush:

The beginning of the end.


Commencing read, will edit in my most likely favorable opinion in 15 or so minutes

Edit: Did anyone else notice (or even realize) that Twilight and Pinkie just had a sane conversation before Rarity interrupted them?


~Skeeter The Lurker

Today has been the best day ever. Period.

Holy shit. When I hit the upvote, it jumped from 1 to 41. That's the highest it's ever gone for me.

Also, that prophecy...
The ephemeral made physical,
Elements made into regalia
perfection confined, touched by an imperfect world.
Same as above
Destruction born not out of wrath,
but rather disappointment.
Elements are trying to destroy the world because it isn't good enough for them.

That's my guess anyway.

I'm /very/ excited to see where this ends up. My only problem with this chapter is that, well, there's only this chapter. Keep it up!

this can only end badly, or with lots of explosions. or both. preferably both.

Yeah, Twilight, I agree. You would make a terrible spy.

Oh crud, a certain someone has a secret. Changeling, I'm thinking? Wait, scratch that, unless she's permanently transformed like Kicky was.

"Well, I'm not going to try to stop you if you've made up your mind, just don't do anything crazier than I would do," says Rainbow Dash.
"As if that rules anything out," says Applejack.


I liked the original the most so far. I'm counting on you to change that.:twilightsmile:

My reaction to this being posted cannot be expressed through text, as it was a bizarre squeaking coughy excitement noise.

Wait, did Twi forget to bring Home Run? Welp, we're doomed, then.

“No!” I say, loud enough to disturb the other conversations going on around the table. “I mean, so what if we did study the Elements? It’s not like I found out anything new. I certainly didn’t come into possession of any kind of forbidden information about them!” I don’t think I’d be a very good spy

No. No you wouldn't.

“How about, just for the sake of argument, we call them the Roh?”
“Roh?” repeats Celestia, raising a skeptical eyebrow.
“Fight the pow-ah!” shouts Pinkie.

This isn’t... this isn’t what continuous exposure to the Elements does to a bearer, is it?

Well, I sure hope not, seeing as Princess Twilight wears hers for a tiara...

I shall have to read this later but after the ending of you last story I am very excited. Any chance you might go into the possibility that Starswirl is Discord?:rainbowdetermined2:

“Maybe we should call them something distinct to avoid confusion,” I suggest. I ponder the quandary for a moment. What about an acronym? Everything’s better with acronyms. “How about, just for the sake of argument, we call them the Roh?”
“Roh?” repeats Celestia, raising a skeptical eyebrow.
“Fight the pow-ah!” shouts Pinkie. We all turn to her, Celestia’s story momentarily forgotten. “What?” she asks.

...Eakin makes Gurren Lagann references? No, it can't be...

Not bad for an introductory chapter, kinda slow, but does hint at things that are going to happen in the future, like the prophecy. My theory that is that it was stating that time is literally short, and the elements are going to create a "perfect order" or a "perfect harmony", and the only way something like that could exist is if there was no chaos or change, and that can only happen if time stops, literally, just freezes.

As for my predictions for where the story is going, I have a feeling Discord is going to play a big roll in the story, because, I mean how can you have a story about fighting order, without having the embodiment of it's polar opposite, change or chaos. I also wonder if there is going to be a yin yang motif, with Twilight being the median between the two, Discord being the force that binds the two sides, Celestia being order, and Luna being disorder.

Now all I have to do is sit back, and see if I was right.

I think this was the fastest I've even seen a story featured. Must be a good series then. I may have to take a look.

I finished A Stitch in Time (one of my favorite fanfics ever) yesterday and lamented over how I'd have to wait for You Can Fight Fate, and then the next day I see this.

Words cannot express the joy I feel right now :twilightsmile:

2782420 Boi, when I did it, it jumped from 47 to 108. Also, I largely agree with that assessment of the prophecy. I am truly interested in this :rainbowkiss:

Favorited and thumbs-upped before reading. If what came before is any indication, I don't need to think about it.

“Well, I should certainly think so!” says Rarity.

Why a lady could take days to properly brood over something so wonderfully tragic!” says Rarity as she lets herself be swept up in the romance

You said "says Rarity" twice in the same paragraph.

Wow, was that earlier today? It feels like it was months ago now.

I see what you did there.

In any case, WOOT! Was waiting for this story!
I look forward to how this is all gonna go down. And I also look forward to Twilight's reaction when she meets the old Starswirl.


Aha. And it is All Going To Go Pear-Shaped, I can see...


OH MY FUCKING CELESTIAAAAAAA, TAKE ALL MY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :fluttercry: *tears of joy*

All good things, unfortunately. I'll try to make the end of the ride memorable as the rest. Based on what I've got planned it'll either be the most epic thing I've ever written or an overly ambitious clusterbuck. Time will tell!

Yeah, the prophecy is pretty straight forward. It's not as important a plot point as it was in Stitch. If I hadn't put it in the letter I probably could have skipped it.

Having plotted the whole thing out in advance, I'm anticipating relatively few stumbling blocks.


Tall order. I personally prefer Stitch, but to each their own. The romance/slice of life stuff should be minimal compared to Stitch though, so it's probably closer to Hard Reset.

One of my pre-readers suggested a Fus-Roh-Dah joke, but GL is a whole lot more thematically appropriate.

Anything's possible! :trollestia:

Good timing!

Good catch, thanks. Tweaked.

What? Twilight's adventure not going exactly according to her plan? Inconceivable!

2782701 Ha ha, pretty much the same situation here. Same result too. I love how Twilight's trying to convince herself that she's not going out there, when we all know she'll go anyway.

Hooray I get more awesome to read.

2782766 By the way, the "re-cur" joke was adorable. I forgot to mention in it in my first comment.

Boom, straight to the top of the featured box! Excellent.

If. If I see him again. Because I still haven’t decided whether I’m even going back to help him yet. Yep, that’s totally up in the air. No final decision made yet. Could go either way.
I’m not fooling anypony, am I?


Been waiting for this. Thanks for making the S4 wait a little more bearable!

I really liked the original because of the awesome fights, cool last stands, and your plot, almost anything seemed possible.

Also I have a question. Since in part 2, Alternate Continuum Twi/Changeling still has the magic time loop effect on her, could she turn up again?
Inquisitive pony is inquisitive.

2782420 Not so much destroy it, but make the perfect world; any scientist routinely destroys failed experiments. My problem is probably Star Swirl's, and soon to be Twilight's: Perfect to someone else might be the ultimate hell for you. Twilight Swarm, anyone? Discord Ascendant? Buck ... no. :twilightangry2:

Yeah, there was basically no dramatic tension to that decision. Of course she's going!

That running gag turned out to have some real staying power.

Maybe even as soon as the next chapter...


"What? Twilight's adventure not going exactly according to her plan? Inconceivable!"

You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.

2782858 Oh, so Twilight Swarm could be pulling a Jack Halloran: "Heeeeeeerre's Johnny!"
Buckle up everyone; we're in for one hell of a ride.

“Oh, gag me,” says Spike from the far side of the room.

Not sure if you did this on purpose... but you had "Oh, gag me," in the Queen Twilight story... kinda... spooky??

If. If I see him again. Because I still haven’t decided whether I’m even going back to help him yet. Yep, that’s totally up in the air. No final decision made yet. Could go either way.
I’m not fooling anypony, am I?

...not even close Twilight. Not even close xD

Comment posted by Treilacl deleted Jun 27th, 2013

You're assuming she's still a crazy changeling queen...

I'd love to claim that's some clever artistic statement, but the truth is that writing multiple stories at once just gets my wires crossed sometimes. I used the "was that really only yesterday? It felt like months ago!" joke in Artemis, Stella and Beat last week.

...and then Twilight reappeared with two legs, two arms, two hands, and two feet outside a high school... :trollestia:

2782978 So you're totally clever and meant to do that? Sweet. :trollestia:

Had I been able to complete the first four chapters before EQG launched, I actually thought about using that as a gag later on. You'll probably be able to figure out where when you read it, but it would be a fairly massive spoiler to tell you now.

Comment posted by Music-and-magic deleted Jun 27th, 2013


I'll try to remember so I can try to call it out when it comes.

She's gonna be pissed, especially since Twilight Prime lied to her face.
I'm already thrilled.:pinkiehappy:

“I am hiding Star Swirl’s work on the Elements of Harmony,” she goes on to say.

Hmm. Two possibilities spring to mind.
1: Of course she's hiding it. After your adventure in the past with Star Swirl, obviously you or he instructed her to keep it a secret until now, to avoid time paradox.
2: Of course she's hiding it. After <things went horribly wrong> in the past with Star Swirl, the Elements ordered her to keep it secret, and either outright overpowered her, messed with her mind, or threatened her little ponies to the point where she had to comply.

“How about, just for the sake of argument, we call them the Roh?”
“Roh?” repeats Celestia, raising a skeptical eyebrow.
“Fight the pow-ah!” shouts Pinkie.


So I have some metaphysical time travel thoughts i would like to share.
This may contain spoilers and because I don't feel like reading through every single comment of this series this may contain what someone else said, however I assure you that these are all my personal ponderings and musings

This new story will most likely focus on the regalia of magic because it should not exist. The regalia of magic came initially from an alternate timeline. And was then brought to another timeline and then sent backwards in time, in order to come to the present and meet itself again if only for a bit. The problem with this is that there is no beginning to the sequence of events. The only reason the regalia exists is because it existed in an alternate timeline that was not meant to exist. So I can only suppose that a consciousness outside of the boundaries of time I.e the elements some how caused this to happen.

I hope I don't have to drag them into this, especially if it turns out to be dangerous.

Twilight... you're doing that thing again... :unsuresweetie: Stuff is generally less dangerous when you bring friends, remember?

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