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Hum Hide and Plan

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1848427 I'll keep you in mind if my current editor gets fed up with me and quits. My stories aren't that bad; it's just things like typos, show-don't-tell, and a bunch of other things that all tie back into my bad habit of... um... actually, I have no idea how to explain it. It's sort of like I let the plot drive the dialogue, motives of the characters, etc. rather than letting it happen naturally, if that makes any sense.

1848274 Yeah it's super weird, I would undo it if I could. As a great hedgehog once said, though, live and learn.

I might be up for some editing. I usually only do it for personal friends at this point, though. If you send me a link to a gdoc or something I'll glance through it but can't promise much else; I may or may not give any valuable feedback or editing help.

1848240 Makes sense. Now it just looks suspicious. :derpytongue2:

On another note, are you still open for editing?

1847726 Haha, honestly at the time I didn't know that the "comment posted by X deleted at Y" message would stay there forever and I just wanted to declutter my user page.

Why the deleted comments?

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