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Twilight and Dash Riff #16: How to Comfort a Needy Widower · 8:23pm Jul 25th, 2016

Riff #16 is done!

This story is special. In so many ways. This time it's a riff of How to Comfort a Needy Widower by Rakoon1. And yes, just in case if you were wondering, the title reveals ~95% of the plot.

NSFW warning: Needless to say this is a riff of a clop. Really really bad clop.

Here is the link.

Comments, as usual, are always welcome.


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I would honestly love it if you rage reviewed my story (please come back online:applecry:)

your rage reviews make me happy.


I think it's pretty much gonna depend on the group. Ones that are more active, I'd probably want him to be around a little bit first, to make sure he isn't gonna vanish again, but the less active ones, I'd probably just give back.

I know his email, and arcum42's friends with him on facebook, so I do sorta have ways of getting in touch with him, though sometimes he doesn't answer his email, or answers it a month later.

I'll let him know. I miss him too, and definitely as more than an admin!

--Sweetie Belle

I'm okay with that, or rather, I downgraded his status, but if he comes back I think it would be more than okay for Elric to get his status back. At least for Twilight Sparkle group. I'm not entirely sure how you're going to deal with that in other groups, but...

And as far as Elric itself: If you meet him or talk to him, let him know he's missed, and not just as a group administrator.


Since you're actually the one running these groups, thought I'd better check in before doing this.

Any objection to my dropping Elric down from admin status to contributor status on the Twilight Sparkle and Twily's Library groups?

I'm kinda doing that for some other groups I run. It's not so much that I don't want him as admin as that he hasn't logged in in 17 weeks, and I'm not really sure he's coming back.

I'm gonna add a few new Scootaloo admins and remove some of the old ones too...

--Sweetie Belle

No problem! I thought your user page looked a little lonely...

--Sweetie Belle

Awww. Thank you very much ^^


Hey, I normally don't do this, but Vertorm mentioned you and you sounded like a cool person, so um... hi? :twilightsheepish:

I'm not one for attempting to describe myself with words, so here's a song instead.

(that awkward moment when I realize I've read one of your stories before, and my only comment on it is a poor explanation of something I didn't understand :facehoof:)


I don't know how you knew that people call me Nom. xD


Blame Lambda for this one ^^
Too bad he disappeared without a trace, though :|

Also, me prominent figure on here? Pffff... I have like negative 2 watchers and everypony hates me ^^

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