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Cloudy Skies

Cloudy writes stories. Cloudy likes it when ponies like each other maybe a little too much and sometimes end up in love. Cloudy writes stories about these things, often.


Rainbow Dash is torn between fulfilling her dreams and acting on her feelings for Twilight Sparkle. Does Twilight not feel the same way, or is she simply oblivious to Rainbow's intentions?

Cover art by http://jewlecho.deviantart.com/ !

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Something is amiss... I could swear I already read this one. :rainbowderp:

169926 Someone pretended to be Cloudy Skies.

169926 An imposter made an account in my name and took the liberty of uploading all my stories - the account was cleaned, and I'm re-uploading and fixing my stuff. Sorry for the confusion! I made a blog post about it if you want the full story.

That said, for what it's worth, thanks for reading!

ah, good to see this story here. Much enjoyable to have it neatly stored in this site.

Say, any plans for continuing this story, or developing some side stuff?


It's been a while since I read this one; my recollections of it are a little vague now. But I definitely enjoyed it, and will be reading it again eventually. Five stars.

Ah, one of my favorite shipping fics.
Instant 5 stars and fave

I still owe you drinks Cloudy

I remember this, and if I do correctly, this was one of the first fics I read. Extremely well written, and packed with so much emotion.
Easily one of the best stories out there, and I'm happy to see it here. Well, here under your name, I guess :twilightsheepish:

Amazing story, that's all my words can really say, and I hope life brings you great things.

Glad to see you're back - for real this time.

I love this story. It's the first one I've ever read, and was one of the major inspirations for me to start writing myself. Keep up the awesome work :twilightsmile:

This fic? Instant 5 stars and favorite~

While rereading I found something:

"Come in!" she yelled as she gave the area a last scrutinous look. Quills and parchment. Apple juice in the fridge. The library's sole copy of 'Aerodynamics Made Simple'. The library's sole copy of 'Understanding 'Aerodynamics Made Simple'', and two copies of her own notes on the latter volume. She had thought of everything!

Is that supposed to be there like that? :unsuresweetie:

Ah, the doppelgänger is routed and you are finally here, very good! I enjoyed this story immensely when I read it on DeviantArt - and though I miss the convenience of having it broken into two parts, I am even more fond of it now that some places have been edited for clarity.

God some people will do anything to get popular.

sorry someone did that. I hope no one deos that with any strioes I post.

Best TwiDash ever. Hands down. Without a doubt.

It's sweet, fun, emotional and exceptionally written. Loved every minute of re-reading it for the third time! :D

One of my favorite fics ever and what got me to love TwiDash.

I should reread it.


Azekahh read it.

This is definitely one of my favorite Fanfics. Glad to see you've taken out the imposter!

He didn't seem to have done any damage, maybe he just wanted to see your work on this page?

this needs something :applejackunsure:..............
not sure what but it does need SOMETHING:eeyup:

Yeah. But the correct way to do that is to send Cloudy an email and be like "Hey Cloudy! I love your fics! Could you post them on FimF? Or let me do it for you?" -- Name_of_Person

That was amazing and not sad at all. I thought it would be. Still it was so awe:rainbowkiss:some. And cool.:rainbowdetermined2:

holy horseapples, 16,000 words in one chapter! :pinkiegasp: thats the most ive seen just in one chapter :derpyderp2:

So THAT'S what happened with that Cloudy Skies person and that "Got Caught" avatar and all that...huh, weird. But, anyway, neat that you got this up again. Even though Dash seemed too serious in it, I truly loved this fiction. Congrats on finally getting it all sorted out. :twilightsmile:

169995 No solid plans, but I do intend to toy around with it. People say it's a bad idea to write a sequel if there was no initial plan for it. Me, I just figure that so long as I have an idea that works for me, and that sounds good enough in my head that I want to write it, I will.

170079 And I hope to collect.

170177 One is the book, the other is the book about understanding the first book. If you got that, then, augh, I think I've read myself blind on that sentence so I can't find any other flaws with it. What's wrong with it?

170404 It's not very workable feedback, but thanks, for what it's worth!

As for the rest, thank you for reading, thank you for your comments, and I truly am glad to be here, woop!

170404 This amazing story is missing something?
Well through my little mental checklist I think I know what it is. The ending letter to the princess. Not that the story really needs it though.
Another thing that it could be missing is a sequel. Of course there are many ways this could go, and I'm sure a fan of this story could make a sequel to this story...... Might not be as good as this story, could still be interesting though.
And I started to ramble.... Sorry about that......
Great story:yay:

The only way I can interpret that comment is that he wants Applejack and BigMac in it?

170757 O.... right........ I went thinking too much........ and thinking too much was one of the major problems Twilight had in this story.
Well Applejack was in this story. Big Mac wasn't..... Of course somepony could make a sequel to this where Big Mac does show up in it.

i distinctly remember reading this before on this site... but it wasn't in the feature...is this a repost?

either way... i liked it before and liked it now... but i will say this again


This was great. I'm gonna watch you like a hawk! :pinkiehappy:

Daaaw everyhting worked out in the end :twilightblush::rainbowkiss:

Daaaw everyhting worked out in the end :twilightblush::rainbowkiss:

I think I meant he wanted it to be AppleDash. I've seen "y u no ship my OTP" before. It's the stupidest comment ever. I'll give em the benefit ofthe doubt and assume they are just being unhelpful. But seriously, give honest feedback. A writer only gets better with real critique and Cloudy deserves to be told about any flaws you might find.

i was all like wait...:rainbowhuh: I've read this b4! Then I read about the impersonation( sorry about that btw) and was all like lol!:rainbowlaugh: but I did like this story the first time, and still like it :pinkiehappy: happy writing (to the true!!!!) Cloudy Skies

Dawwwww, I can't remember whether I read this here a long time ago, or somewhere else. But it took me about 3 paragraphs to recognize this story. One of my favorites!!! :twilightsmile:

We owe you some long overdue credit, Cloudy. Thank you for writing this amazing fic, I loved every second of it! :pinkiehappy:
I hope you continue to write! :heart: you! :raritywink:

170863 The post has been doubled! :trollestia:


wait, people comment that?

If a story isn't my favorite pairing, i'll still read it and i'd never blame an author for not shipping the two.

Oh yeah, I remember Azekahh reading that...good work!

I love the way it's written, but I don't exactly like this shipping. So, because I'm picky, tracked, but not favorited.

I remember Buttersc0tchSundae's thread on FIMchan had two or three AppleDashers that wouldn't shut up about had bad and evil and wrong PinkieDash was and how she should stop writing it. It's not common, but yeah, it happens.

That said, Cloudy made TwiDash work for me, in a way a lot of others hadn't. It may be my second favorite pairing now. But I have a hard time rating those.

"Come in!" she yelled as she gave the area a last scrutinous look. Quills and parchment. Apple juice in the fridge. The library's sole copy of 'Aerodynamics Made Simple'. The library's sole copy of 'Understanding 'Aerodynamics Made Simple'', and two copies of her own notes on the latter volume.
Uh, yeah. Needs to be fixed. Sorry for being a Grammar Nazi. :/

Really glad to see this again, one of my all time favorites and first stories I've read on this site. 5/5 stars

I remember this... oh, nostalgia. I wouldn't have thought you could even have nostalgia for something that was three or four months ago, but still!
Also, I noticed two typos when I read it through;
she was abed I'm guessing was in bed
readin' lists" And that just needs a period.

They were probably just lost when you moved it over here or something.
Aaaanyways, I'm watching you now!

Already read this over on EqD, profiled though.

A one-off upwards of 15K words? That alone hath piqued mine interest. Then you go and make it a TwiDash.
My night is planned.


No, but seriously,I loved every word of this story, it was amazing. You're a great writer. Thanks for the fantastic read!

I don't normally approve of Twidash, but this was done extremely well.

170207 Heh. I'm too big an asshole for anypony to do that to me. And, I can't do that, 'cause I can't hack worth shit.

Well, unless we're talking about Fallout, then I'm pretty damn good, for some reason.

Vegetables is one of the funniest passwords ever. I kinda want to find a mod that makes ALL the comps have funny passwords. Like 'Steve' or 'Bologna', or 'whatever'.

Yay one of the best stories is on FiMFiction now <3

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