A terrible disease sweeps across the pony-fiction landscape. What began as a simple desire to capture colorful imagery and break up dull, monotonous sentences has become a blight on our fair fanfictions and a crutch for the weak writer.

Don't let this happen to you. Save the lavender alicorns, prismatic, cyan and butter yellow pegasi, orange earth ponies, alabaster unicorns, and pink party ponies from avoidable, anecdotic, adjective announcements.

Don't forget to visit our sister group, y'all: The Coalition to Cure Ah-tism.

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LUS must be cured, it's fine in small doses but the way many people do it is just annoying. It makes you wonder how many people actually read ALL the guidelines and rules for writeing and uploading fanfictions to this site.

As a bipedal great ape, I approve of the purpose and message of this group.

This pale, dark brown haired with a van dyke that's slightly reddish, human, pony fic writer from the United States of America joins your crusade.

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