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This is a group for all Babs Seed X Applebloom shippings fans out there!~ Have fun! Enjoy, post fanfics and talk about AppleSeed :3 Love and Tolerance!~

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I check tumblr daily but I am never active on my Tumblr because I suck at drawing :applejackunsure:

Hey Applebloomer what happened to your tumblr blog? I tried the link and it said it did not exist.
Also can you check your inbox?:scootangel:

I sent you a message so I can tell you....check your inbox please:derpytongue2:

If I had a working computer I'd try to write a Appleseed story first but I don't which sucks:pinkiesad2:though I still have my Technomancers.....*Laughs like a pyscho*:pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Yes, Pen Pans 1 and pen pals 2 are AWESOME BUT CRAZY! :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy: :pinkiecrazy:

I'm enjoying this pairing thanks to Pen Pals and Pen Pals 2 i just love those story's so dramatic and such a good plot you forget it's a clopfic.:ajsmug:


Hehe! Its alright to let out things :pinkiesmile: Oh by the way! I am sure she could edit youre fanfic to if you ask her nicely :pinkiehappy: shes very nice so I bet she would edit youre fanfic. :pinkiesmile: Buuut im not sure :derpytongue2: you can always ask. :twilightsmile:

318408 gotta say if not for shipping and the like i probably would not be on here... i am romantically alone in life and am a HUGE romantic so... kinda felt i needed the outlet... :applecry: YAYZ! thats cool! i could definitely use someone not only to do grammar check but quality check to see if they could add anything to give it ump/length! (and this is why, without spell check i could not spell "grammar" correctly... dear god whats wrong with me!!) :raritydespair: but thats if and when i post *shrug* long way down the road =3


Teheh! yes romance and shipping is awesome!! :pinkiehappy: I miiight write clop in the future. :derpytongue2: lolz. Oh by the way! :pinkiehappy: New chapter is out soon! :rainbowwild: I has a little left to write and Bad_Seed_72 gonna edit it with the grammar and help me a little with my fic x3 idk when next ch is out but soon, MAYBE this weekend! :pinkiehappy:

317937 you are an awesome writer :pinkiehappy: gotta say though... i havnt read a fic in a while because well... ive read 'em all it seems, and the only ones that have been popping up as of late are pretty much 100% clop... i want ROMANCE! :flutterrage: my story is romantic and i would love to say more but... as ive said before, i would like to finish before i say anything because if i were to NOT finish it people would be bummed (hence why i will wait until its 100% done before i post anything) also first chapter i got 1k words, i surprised myself =D


Awesome! :derpytongue2: I bet ure story is awesome :rainbowwild: Lolz I try my best to reach over 1000-2000 words :yay: I been stalking fics on here but didnt talk much :twilightsmile: lololol. Oh my! :pinkiehappy: I am sure courious about what you are gonna write, tell!? :pinkiesmile:

317772 YAY! (also glad to see you are NOT dead hehe [talkin' bout your blog =3]) between you and me (well... and everyone who can see this post) i actually HAVE started working on a fic though as soon as i got to like... 400 words i got writers block... i gotta say, to all you people who write THOUSANDS of words like its nothing i salute you! my BIG problem is i can KINDA do dialogue but i cant describe what the hectagon is going on! :flutterrage: is not appleseed sadly but meh! hehe =3

edit: also, i hope you can write again soon as well, cant wait =3 i actually started writing again tonight so yay!


Aww You sure is kind and supporting! :pinkiehappy: Hehe... See, told ya I could take LONG time 2 continue a fanfic. I will continue "Blooming Seed" as fast I get more ideas and confident that I havent failed that fanfic xD but yes I THINK I will continue it very soon again, I hope. :derpytongue2::rainbowwild::yay::trollestia:

Well, I wish I had heard of this group sooner! :twilightsmile:

AppleSeed group!?

305383 i got a couple o' ideas! =3 i would rather not say, yet again if i say then people MAY (very unlikly but still...) want it, be askin... so yea, anyway! your really good at writing, you kindin'? haha! as for what i meant, i meant that SOO many people on here (including yourself and bad_seed, duh! =3 ) are such good writers that (IMO) y'all put profesionals to shame... honestly, i havnt read anything in between my 1st year of high school until recently when i found this site in my 3rd year of college! all that time i read NOTHING (and when i say NOTHING i mean freaking nothing, not even school text books... looking back not to smart but i digress, i graduated =3 ) also, forgive me for saying (if you dont mind then yay!:yay:) but that is awesome! :twilightblush: haha also thanks for that, im sure you could draw to, i just have a random spurt every couple of years where i can draw... then it goes away so... but yea, i had a youtube video up and was listening to dj feels this feeling trance remix and i pulled up a how to (yea... i used one) and it still took me 45 min. there is still a lot of room to improve though!


I am not that good at writing, srsly u have no idea how much granmmar fail beafore Bad_Seed_72 (Mah gf <3) edits and fixes my fic. xD What ya mean ompf alll fine ppl have? :derpyderp2: What kind of AppleSeed fics would you write? :pinkiehappy:

Oh youre good at drawing, I also draw. Here is my tumblr x3

305192 i want to... REALLY BAD!! :applecry: but personally, i don't feel i have that... ompf all you fine people do to write plus... i am in my final semester of college (its only a community college but i am still struggling) glad to hear i would have a reader though! :pinkiehappy: the thing IVE actually been trying to do is get the athsetics of AB and BS down so i could maybe DRAW them ---> a little line art type... thing i did =3

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