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Do I have to write anything here now? >w<


OMFG! AppleSeed one shots on its way! :pinkiehappy: Wait who read my shit anyway? :rainbowhuh: · 5:40pm Nov 4th, 2013

Why, hello! :pinkiecrazy: I am going to write one shots so I am making a fanfic with AppleSeed one shots in it :rainbowkiss:. It will be anything from evil to good, from chaos to harmony. Mature and not mature and such! :scootangel:

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I Can imagine that, since babs left you are leaving too, so bye.


Did I miss the party? :applejackconfused:

Happy Birthday! :ajsmug:


Your girlfriend is sending strangers to wish you a happy birthday. I am one! Happy birthday!

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