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You should watch what you say. Maybe the reason we lost was because of you. I had great games of Sivir before.
See that match at the top? That was the one with you.

And before you can say anything about Warwick and Kennen, let me fill you in that Kennen was a custom match I played for fun and not seriously, and I'm bad with Warwick overall. I admit that. But I'm not bad with Sivir.

I'm bad with you.

Good day.

hahahaha my army grows!!!
thanks for the watch

That's okay Mr. President, I understand your busy. :ajsmug:

However, if you find time open in the future, maybe you'd consider putting your talent out for hire? I'm sure Higherbreach appreciates it and I know that there are several groups here on fimfic that might love to syndicate a talent like yours. In fact, one is looking for pre-readers and editors right now...


633665 Sorry for the insanely late reply! I've been kept very busy for these last few weeks. I would love to see you create more painfully arousing stories! Working with you would be okay, too, I guess... :pinkiehappy:

OH MY CELESTIA! Barack Obama is following me!
If it pleases you I will write more clop good stories stuff right away! :raritystarry:

On a side note, I noticed your comment on Higherbeach's story (you know this one: 2834827) And looks like we may be working together in the near future. (He hired me on as an editor) So here's to that! :yay:

  • Viewing 37 - 41 of 41
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