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This group is for any and all fans of the lovable Roseluck!

Feel free to post any and all stories that feature Roseluck as one of the main characters. For now, there will only be a "main" folder, but if enough stories are added, I'll add some categories. And feel free to use the forums to recommend stories, art, music, etc.

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3) If you submit a story that Roseluck is not a main character in, it will be removed and you will be given a warning. Do it twice, and you'll get a 24-hour ban. Do it 3 times, and you'll be perma-banned.

Dissidents will be shot twice!

Um, can you add more folders? At least human, nsfw, sad, tragedy, etc? It'd be a lot better if you could find a story you like without having to go through 105 stories for one. PLEASE get things a bit more spread out between folders. Thanks.

Oh! Forgot about this group.

So glad to be here, Roseluck is my personal favorite background character and I would love to contribute to this group

I shall send down a cascade of beautiful bound bunch of elegant roses to all!

Hello! I can't believe I found some other roseluck fans!

Just found this little group and I'm excited to say I am a Roseluck fan. I hope I can do her justice as many of you more than likely already have. :pinkiehappy:

You know just checkin out some groups that i like and i just so happened to find one with my favorit background character. :pinkiehappy: I'm happy I was able to contribute a story to the group as well.

331327 Why hello there. What brings you around this neck of the woods?

Comment posted by PonySlayer deleted Oct 10th, 2013

Sooooooo. Hi

J'aime Rose

319205 EVERYONE :heart:'s Roseluck.

318889 so very close... And thank you for reminding me of this group. Geez. Can't believe I forgot about a group for Roseluck... and the other groups I am in.

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