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Not Dead · 11:05pm Sep 14th, 2014

What the title says. Sorry about the sudden unexplained hiatus, and obvious issue regarding the lack of a certain fic I was meant to upload. Something tantamount to an explanation this time next week, at the moment I'm still figuring things out and trying to find my feet.

For now, all I can say is sorry. This was as unexpected for me as it was for you guys, but it's been affecting me more than I can cope with any more.


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Generic To-Do List · 4:20am Aug 22nd, 2013

[X] - Gain 50 Sexy Minions (Followers)
[X] - Gain 100 Sexy Minions (Followers)
[X] - Gain 250 Sexy Minions (Followers)
[] - Gain 500 Sexy Minions (Followers)
[] - Have a FimFic "Celebrity" become a Sexy Minion (Follower)

[X] - Get a story featured on a website
[X] - Get a story featured on this website
[] - Get a story featured on EQD

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I made you a better cover for wonderbirds if you’d like to use it. It uses the classic font


1685119 He's been on recently, so I think so.

You okay? The last time you said anything was in Fall 2014.

Thank you so much for granting 'An Apple for Ya Trouble' with a favorite! :raritystarry::heart:
(Btw I love your OC! The selfies are so cute! :heart:)


He was one of Shining's friends if memory serves. I just picture how awkward it must have been with them when his mother was around. :rainbowlaugh:

He's one of the supervillains from my second installment in my Mare Do Well Trilogy(Mare Do Well: The Series). He's sort of a Mysterio-like villain and the giant eye helmet is part of his costume.


Possibly, possibly...

Still trying to work out what the hell your avatar is though. Does it bite?

Thanks so much for the fave! :yay:

:derpyderp1: ...I've often wondered if the character 8-Bit is the "older brother" Button Mash speaks of.

Hi there. I'd just like to say: :yay: Because you clearly need more Fluttershy in your life.

Comment posted by daederauoy deleted Sep 20th, 2014


I did indeed, good sir. A response has been sent via horse messenger, please allow 3 to 5 working weeks for delivery, and you will find a return envelope enclosed within.

[] - Have someone do a dramatic reading of one of my stories

*coughing intensifies*

BOOM! Princess 8-Bit avatar.

So pretty! :raritystarry:

Comment posted by 8_Bit deleted May 14th, 2014


Arghh. I can't unsee that now!

Welp, time to look for a new profile pic...

I don't know why but your profile picture reminds me of a cat with a mustache :applejackunsure:


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