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Newly-together couple Vinyl Scratch and Octavia have just spent the night out on the town. Vinyl blasted their favourite nightclub with major wubbage while Octavia discovered a new drink at the bar. Now Vinyl has to escort home a marefriend more drunk than she's ever been, and in her intoxicated state, Octavia says just a little bit too much.

A first person Octa-Scratch story, which is my second one shot and part one of the Scotch-verse trilogy, written from Vinyl’s POV. This one was intended to be written in a one hour time limit, but I kind of got carried away and... well, forgot. It was more like an hour and three quarters, but meh. And that time does not include editing. Don’t worry, the only edits I made outside of the 'hour' were to fix basic spelling, grammatical and continuity errors, no major changes to the plot structure.

Rated teen for some strong language.

Cover art courtesy of KristySK on DeviantArt.

Featured in Twilight's Library: 07/04//14
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It is a travesty that I got to give this its first like. Shame, shame on the person who gave it a dislike. :applecry:

Really though, this was a delightful story. Is this the whole of it? It says incomplete but it also says it's a one-shot :s


Eheheheh.... Didn't notice that... :twilightsheepish:
Fixed now!

And thank you kindly, but some people just don't like. It's irritating that the people who disliked it haven't commented saying exactly why, but, what can you do?

I liked this. It was, in her own brand, a very introspective viewpoint from Vinyl on a multitude of subjects. Regardless of my positive bias for these types of stories, I think you pulled Vinyl's first person off really well. Her voice is distinct, it's complex, and it's believable. It's your spin, of course, but I didn't have much of a problem disregarding my own headcanon and going with what you wrote.

There is a continuity error, and that is Vinyl completely forgetting about the vomit on her back and chest. I know she loves her marefriend and wants to make sure she's alright, but I would've figured Vinyl would wash up after putting Octavia down. Please, correct me if I misread, but that's something that stuck out to me.

Also, seventeen drinks of scotch, after hitting a few clubs... I mean, I have no way of knowing the alcohol tolerance of these ponies, but I'd estimate that being around twenty-two, twenty-five drinks. Unless they've been drinking for half the day, Octavia is either the heaviest of heavyweights or using some sort of voodoo magic to not be dead on the floor.

This was damn good work. You get a heart thumbs up from me.


Thank you kindly, and I corrected those errors you pointed out to me. She hops in and out of the shower before heading upstairs now, and Octavia drank a much more manageable seven scotches.

As for the pre-clubbing, recall I said that she holds her drink very well, so she wasn't that much more drunk than Vinyl at the time that they entered Club Zero. T'was the scotch that pushed her over the edge.

Thanks very much for the support! :heart:

You, my friend, have earned a mustache. :moustache:
I hope you continue on with this concept in a sequel. Seems like it has potential. :raritystarry:

I'm not really a fan of every single pony from snails to now, Octavia, being transgender.

Simple and sweet, points out priorities in a relationship, is rather introspective, well written and has glorious octa- scratch with a more realistic and deeper personality and character for vinyl, beyond a stupid obnoxious trope character she's often shown as.

I approve

This has many lolz but a lot of feels as well. Consider it approved as well as featured in the group


There's not enough stories with transgender ponies. As a trams woman myself, this is a delightful read, and I would love to see more of your Tavi in the future.

I wondered if this would be about a Scottish Octavia...

A fresh new idea in the OctyScratch field, I enjoyed the read. You said that this is your second one shot, is there any chance that you will keep writing these? Thanks for the fun read and keep at it! :twilightsmile:

This awesomeness needs a sequel...

A nice story. The TG came as a surprise.

It stopped a little short, though. Would've been nice to see what Octavia had to say.


What in the name of sweet baby jesus did I just read :rainbowlaugh: I loved this story and it really felt deep despite the weird topic xP

I was... perturbed when the whole transgender thing was first mentioned. But it was actually handled much more sweetly than I expected- because I expected it to be played off for laughs- and so, I applaud you, my man/woman/llama. This was quite a heartfelt story.

You've earned yourself a seal of approval.

Not bad. Could use an additional "the next morning" scene, though - it would be cute to see Tavi's reaction if Vinyl confronts her about this.

Comment posted by Blazing Cat deleted Apr 9th, 2014


Your support means a great deal, but if you all refer to the final few paragraphs, you will see that Vinyl says the following:

"Sure, her past is troubled, and I’ll have to talk to her about it some time in the future, but that’s another story."

I hope that answers that particular question :heart:

Interesting. And a good deviation from the normal Vinyl and Octavia fics. Rather enjoyable

I may take a lot of flak for saying this, but do we really think 7 year olds are up to the task of deciding what gender they're going to be for the rest of their lives?

My only complaint is the same one everyone else has: why is there no "next morning" scene?

Sweet Jesus I love you 8_Bit. This has so much Ramona in it I had flashbacks to the books.

I love the VinylxOctavia ship as it stands and I have to say I really enjoyed reading this :twilightsmile: I would love to see a second part to this, to see how things turn out. Although this story does hold some sentiment for me because (ignoring the feels from the story and my love of the ship) I actually sympathise very well with Octavia in this as I am actually preparing to become a girl myself. So I have put a lot of thought into when the "right" time to come out to someone about this is, but there is no good answer for this. I am glad to see Vinyl being so accepting of Octavia's past.Overall a very nice story, well done. :twilightsmile:

That's a debate for somewhere else bucko, probably not one to have on fimfiction.

Wow, never thought of that. It was a great story, if I wasn't in school right now, I'd have cried!

Also I want more of this, you could make a whole novel with Vinyl's newly found care for her marefriend. ^^

4212293 I think you replied to the wrong person. I didn't say anything that could cause a massive debate, all I said was that the story felt incomplete.

This was an incredible read, nice job. :twilightsmile:

Also, i feel horrible for this, but i completely lost it when i read that "down syndrome" part.

If this was an ordinary story that would be good to end a chapter. But to end a story? I feel cheated to be honest. It had a good start, a good amount of drama in the middle, but the ending was horrible. Not that it was a bad ending, if it was part of a fuller story. But as an ending to a story, it leaves so much unfinished.

What happens with Tavi and Vinyl's talk the next day? What else does Vinyl learn? How does it change / enhance their relationship? How embarassed does Tavi get when she learns that she made a horribly saucy joke? Does Vinyl learn more about her past? Do we learn more about Vinyl's as they share their pasts? What about where they go from here? There are so many unanswered questions, so many open ended threads that need closure. This story has no real ending and it'd be best if you made this incomplete and give it the love it needs to be the story it could be. As is good chapter, well written, but incomplete as a story.


It does feel incomplete.

That was really good. I didn't expect the big secret, and I almost wanted it to continue into the morning after to see Vinyl confront Octavia, but I think it ended well. Have a fav and a like!

This may be a quickly banged out (aside from editing) one-shot, but you sure got my attention. I enjoy it when people dare to add some depth to the OctaScratch relationship, and adding some mystery to Octavia's background is quite an interesting way to do this. I hope to see more new stories from you in the future.

When I first saw this story, I didn't realize it was gonna be drunk Octavia, and I just thought you were trying to do a Vinyl/Tavi ship. I was like 'they know it's OctaScratch, right?' :derpytongue2::derpytongue2:


Fear not fine peoples, though this story may end where it does, that doesn't necessarily mean that there is no more of this story to tell! As you may see by reading this blog post here! :heart:

I honestly thought this would be funny. I was wrong.
This was glorious.:applecry:

You handled the subject matter wonderfully. I love how Vinyl's worries were about what it meant to their relationship that Octavia hadn't confided in her, instead of having some internal debate over whether once being a male or not makes a difference in how Vinyl feels for her (which is what I've generally seen in stories with transgender characters. It's sweet and fulfilling as a reader to find a character whose priorities are on the actually important issue at hoof).

Damn! If I knew what this was about, I would have read as soon as I saw it. Good thing it was added to the group.

You've done a damn good job.

And yeah, that's pretty much it. You've created a wonderfully heartwarming TG story, (The ones on Bigcloset topshelf can get kinda butt and be full of unfortunate stuff) an excellent love story, and my favorite background pony (Okay... maybe second favorite, I do loves me some Button Mash, but I really like Vinyl too) is perfectly in character. Or at least, she's written in a way that works perfectly with how most of us see her.
Well done, 8-bit. Well done.

This is pretty good. The way you wrote Vinyl was just wonderful. She she felt a bit more "real" if you know what I mean. Plus it's a great new take on TaviScratch with some nice depth which is admirable.
No one is trying to do or say that, and stories about these ponies aren't exactly the most common thing around. Do you think having characters with this kind of backstory is offensive or something?
Maybe it's a lot easier in Equestria.

4227600 Oh no, no, I don't think it's offensive, I just don't like it. It's not to my taste, and looking at my comment, it seems everyone hates me for what I don't like. The internet ladies and gentlemen! Where disagreeing makes you WORSE than Hitler!

By all means, People can write what the fuck they want. I just don't see how "Octavia used to be a boy" is grounds for anything too amazing in a story.
I mean, what would happen next? Everyone finds out, cliche douchebags bully Octavia about it, and she runs off to Vinyl and either she gets some friends to beat them up, they have sex, something just... Furry Fandom in it's originality. Then what? The story ends because any ideas on where to go in this shocking character development is non-existent or too difficult to write.
The story itself was good, it's just that part that made me roll my eyes and go "Okay, whatever, this shit again".

Why does a character simply being trans make you do that?

It's good not because "Octavia used to be a boy", but because the subject at hand was handled pretty well and the story was done well anyways, and adding more depth to Vinyl's character. And you're being presumptuous, as the sequel hasn't even been posted yet. :trixieshiftleft:

No one is making every character be this way either. That's absurd.

I liked this story. A very different take on the accidentally coming out to your SO type story.

Your story had just been added to the comprehensive list of transpony stories I keep on my CyborgPony. It includes stories both on fimfiction, and off; for those who are interested. There are only a couple that I know of that I still need to add to the list (been very busy), but I believe I have all the SFW ones out there. Obviously, if anyone finds one not on the list, let me know.

4197985 4212071

Check out my userpage (link above) for more stories.


I am in agreement.


That was my initial worry too.


Not really, though, generally, one doesn't get any sort of operations till age 16, 18 or later in humans. But there is no reason someone so young can't start living as their gender and then when it is puberty time, actually go through the right one as opposed to the wrong one first.


I also thought that this was a good turn. Vinyl introspecting on their relationship and what they have kept from each other, been afraid of in each other, etc. made for a very good story.

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