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I write. I read. I fave. I ship. I love Changelings. Princess Luna is best Princess. Twilight Sparkle is best Mane 6. The Doctor is awesome.


It finally happened! · 5:21pm Nov 3rd, 2017

So, in my mind there are varying levels of awesomeness, which are as follows:

1) Posted a story. (well, this one's done)
2) Story receives a like. (yep, done as well)
3) Comments are left on a story. (whether good or bad, check this one off too)
4) Featured on front page. (yeah, not yet)
5) Fanart made for story. (this would be a highlight of my day, but not that I know of)
6) Audio reading of a story. (..........This happened just the other day)

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Thank you for the favorite on my cock transformation fic! Would you like to tell me why you liked it? ^^

Thanks a lot of the fave on my "Nopony Interrupts my FRIENDSHIP SPEECH, Starlight Glimmer!!" story! Glad you liked it!

Thank you for adding "The Bonding" to your favorites!
I hope you continue to enjoy my writing.
Thanks for your support!

I see. I didn't even notice that! Now you really have brought a smile to my face.

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