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Tempest Shadow is somewhat amused by your jesting antics, puling human-slave. Refrain from continuing them, or suffer the consequences.

Welcome, welcome, one and all! This is the group dedicated to everybody's favorite broken-horned unicorn character from My Little Pony: The Movie. The commander of the Storm King's forces, and a fighter possessing only the fiercest of determination and a stalwart resolve to complete her objective at any cost, Tempest Shadow has shown herself to be a pony few would want to mess with. Truly a grim and stolid character in a world where grimness and stolidness are as rare a set of traits in a pony as can be known, and most certainly a warrior of unparalleled strength, skill and tenacity, she displays her cunning as well as she displays her pure, unadulterated evil (just look at her evil smile in the gif below! It oozes with malice!). With all that, combined with being voiced by Emily Blunt, it was little wonder that she would get a group of her own.

Her role within the film practically setting off the Mane Six's conundrum to begin with, Tempest has indeed proven herself to be a marvelous antagonist. Without spoiling anything for those who still haven't seen the movie for themselves, just know that there's more to this fear-provoking unicorn than meets the eye and horn...

PM me if you have questions

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Tempest is a deconstruction of the disability-related saying "Focus on what you can do, not on what you can't do."

"Oh, 'what I can do' is violence and destruction? Might as well do that, then!"

What? There's a group for best pony, shut up and take my money!

Very good tempest! 💯

I’m new to the group

Even though Tempest was once on the side of the Storm King, I think no one can deny how much of a badass she is:rainbowdetermined2:!

And thus I proudly join Tempest's cadre!

Tempest and Grubber are my two favorite characters from the movie.

Tempest was easily the most entertaining part of the movie.

No problem!

That fic was fresh and explosively popular since that was apparently the first SpikeXTempest on the site and it made the feature box.
I got to it when the first comment was only ~6-8 hours old

Hmm. I'll go look. thanks!

Ask, and ye shall receive: I'll show mine (name of fic)
Fair warning, it's a clop.

Looks like everyone is shipping a lot. I wonder if there's any SpikexTempest...

Best Waifu material.

Best character right there!!!!

She's my brother favorite. But I will still join.
Capper's group (He's my favorite)

So we got a group but no character tags. WHERE YOU AT, KNIGHTY?!

Pssst... You're missing a comedy folder.

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